1 player Keeper League

Am in 12 team superflex PPR,one Keeper. Draft position 12 of 12. Who would you keep?
Mahomes 1st rd
Swift 2nd round
Chase 3rd round
Herbert 6th round

Given that you have the 1st pick in the second round, you could probably draft Swift in the 2nd anyway. You could make an argument for Chase in the 3rd–that would be at pick #36–and in a Superflex, I could even see keeping Herbert for 6.01.

I’m a little concerned that there may be too much smoke and mirrors around the Bengals offense (Burrow earned 47% of his 2021 fantasy points in three games), so as much as I hate keeping QBs, I’d probably lean toward Herbert, but it would kind of depend on what other RBs and WRs would be available after keepers.

Thanks, good food for thought!

Welcome aboard!

First off, even though it is superflex, Mahomes for a 1st rounder is overkill.

Other than that, nothing to add to Axel Foley in this topic.

Herbert is my easy choice.

Herbert is a no-brainer for a 6th rd in a Superflex. He will easily finish top-3 at QB and would likely be a 2nd rd pick in a redraft…that’s the best value option by far.

Chase is a slight value, as he should probably early-2nd.

Neither Mahomes nor Swift is a value at all.