#1 pick suggestions - SuperFlex, TE Premium League non keeper

My League just converted to a SuperFlex and TE Premium league and I have the #1 pick. Starters are QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, SuperFlex, K, and D. My first thought was McCaffery with #1 but I also thinking about Mahomes or Josh Allen or even Kelce. I am normally RB’s first and wait for QB drafter. Any thoughts are welcome.
Thanks and Geaux Saints

In redraft leagues, Derrick Henry should be the #1 overall pick, as he has the best chance of becoming the overall #1 RB by the end of the season.

Ezekiel Elliott has the 2nd-best chance.

CMC is third.

QBs and TEs should be afforded the respect that is normally reserved for Ks and Ds, although in a Superflex, I might be tempted to take a QB before the double-digit rounds.

RB’s are such a premium. Go RB first. Personally, I recommend Dalvin Cook. He’s as close as you’ll get to CMC-level production, even from CMC himself.

CMC broke down after his 400+ touch season 2 years ago. If the Panthers try to use him like that again, expect him to break down again (like last season) On the other hand, if they play it smart, that means he’ll see fewer touches, so his owners won’t see those kind of numbers again. CMC is done as an uber-fantasy monster.