Draft next Monday. Need help for #1OVR pick in 1 Keeper PPR Superflex

List of players being kept and are thus unavailable that I’d normally consider are Josh Allen, Taylor, Ekeler(My 2nd round being kept) and Henry. Since Ekeler is my keeper I’m cold on taking Herbert #1 and honestly considering only CMC or Lamar Jackson. Other top options are Kupp, Jefferson, Cook, Najee and Mahomes. Mahomes losing Hill lowers him a little for me and Harris I just can’t talk myself into. Same with Cook. I’m almost forced into taking CMC and hoping Lamar or hurts is sitting there for my #25 OVR pick. Any input is appreciated.

Since you already have Ekeler, I’d go with Jefferson, which leaves you the most flexibility when your 2nd and 3rd picks come around. If you took Najee, which in a vacuum would seem to be the play, you’d pretty much be constrained to select at least one WR at the 2-3 turn, whereas if you have one of each, you can take the best two players available at that point–even if they’re both RBs (or both WRs).