Still struggling with 2nd QB in Superflex- Joe Flacco/ Mike White outlook?

QBs are still very sparse in my 12 team superflex league. Still have the Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance combo that’s not helping at all, and still hoping to find a good replacement for Jimmy Garoppolo. I didn’t have a choice but to play Garoppolo in Week 7 because of injuries and byes. Debating on whether it’s worth picking up Mike White or Joe Flacco and who is likely to start after week 8. It seems like it will be the same situation where they could flip flop the starts if both are healthy. In the meantime, I’m just playing my bench wide receivers.

QBs tend to be sparse in every SFLEX league. In dynasty leagues, you should always have 1-2 talented rookie QBs on stash, as trying to sign startable QBs is either very costly or plain impossible.

Flacco certainly is one of the better options on the waiver wire. Question is for how long he’ll be able to help you. They probably won’t start him this week, and if they do, he’ll be terrible. A week 9 start looks more realistic. Zach Wilson could return as early as week 10, though I think they will give him more time to recover.

Other options include Case Keenum, in case Baker’s injury turns out to be more severe. And Gardner Minshew, in case the Eagles come to the conclusion that they need a QB to start under center, not an RB.

For what it’s worth, I went with Mike White in one of my superflex leagues. I see Flacco as strictly a backup at this point in his career. The Jets aren’t contending, so I expect they will give White all the chances. Also, behind their retched offensive line, Flacco would be a sitting duck. He’s a warm body at QB.

If you need other options, I agree with Zak about Minshew. But we don’t know when the Eagles will give up (or if they will) on the Hurts experiment.