Godwin vs. Garret Wilson

Wilson is available on my waiver and most rankings have him ahead of Godwin rest of season. I’m not sure if I believe that. . .

Redraft/PPR League.

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I’d hold Godwin. Wilson flourished with Flacco in Week 2, but we don’t know what Zach Wilson is going to do to the offense when he returns.

Wilson is the real deal. In dynasty, grab him quick. In redraft, he is still better than Godwin.

The Jets have many mouths to feed in the passing game. Currently, there are 7 players seeing 3+ targets per week.

Target totals after week 2:

Garrett Wilson - 22
Tyler Conklin - 16
Corey Davis - 14
Michael Carter - 14
Elijah Moore - 12
Breece Hall - 10
Braxton Berrios - 6

Such a scenario is usually fantasy poison. What saved the Jets players is the surprisingly high passing volume so far. I doubt that they can maintain that volume, though. Especially once Zach Wilson returns.

Even if Garrett Wilson remains the #1 target (which is not a given), his targets per game could drop well below 10.

OTOH, I wouldn’t expect more from Godwin, either. And he’s nursing a hamstring issue.

I would expect Wilson to have more upside than Godwin, but it’s not as clear as some would think. Are you sure you don’t have other players you could drop for Wilson?

Not really anyone else I can drop. It’s a shallow roster so I have DJ Moore, Courtland Sutton, Deebo, Waddle and Brandon Cooks. Cooks and Moore have been disappointing. . . Breece Hall is my bottom RB.


In that case, Godwin would indeed be the player to drop.

Love your WR corps! Godwin is quite droppable, especially for a potential starter like Wilson.

I can see a situation where Sutton and Moore won’t see much playing time, short of injuries or bye weeks, while you stream the rest of them, taking advantage of matchups. Although Waddle and Wilson and possibly Deebo might be my fallback options, depending on your number of starting WR’s plus flex positions.

Good drafting there. :+1:

This will be a fun one to revisit.