Stack Ryan and Pierce or

I love a good QB/WR stack. Problem is my Hurts/AJ stack is on a bye. I’m starting Ryan and can pair him with Alex Pierce (and get that QB/WR stack in place) or I can leave Pierce on the bench and go with Pickens or Samuel.

FP lineup optimizer suggests I forgo the stack, bench Pierce and go with Samuel. My 3-3 gut tells me run with the stack.


Pickens goes against a top CB and Dolphins D as a rookie.

Samuel vs a very tuff GB D.

Pierce may have the least talent but best match up vs Ten,

No good choice, Coin toss or gut.

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Samuel is, in fact, the pick. He played one game with Heinicke as his QB in Carolina; Heinicke peppered him with 12 targets. Two weeks prior to that, Heinicke came into a game and threw one pass–a 33 yarder to Samuel.

Ron Rivera was their head coach then, too…

With Taylor back this week, Ryan probly won’t be throwing 50 times again. You don’t want your QB’s bad days to make one of your WRs have a bad day too–and Ryan has more bad days than good days.

Pierce has the best matchup, but could easily take a backseat in another Michael Pittman gala.

Samuel has upside, but how the Commanders offense will look like with Heinicke at QB remains to be seen. In the past, they weren’t terrible, though.

I’d roll with Pickens, though. He worked well with Pickett, who is back this week. And the Dolphins haven’t been a scary opponent for WRs so far. Plus, if it’s really Pickens who will draw the top corner remains to be seen.

Pickens > Samuel >> Pierce is my choice here. It’s close enough to go with your gut, though.

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Pickens would be my pick as well but not strong enough to recommend it. Phins just recently got X and Jones back together and he will draw one of them.

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this makes alot of sense to me. Thanks!