Ertz/C. Samuel/Pickens Flex PPR?

Week 7 which one to start in the PPR FLEX spot?

Z. Ertz vs NO
C. Samuel vs GB
Pickens at Miami

Ertz, by a nose. The three are close.

I was initially down on Pickens but now with Pickett back…I was considering Pickens…But yeah Ertz could have a decent or maybe a good game at least till DHop and Robbie get going…

Pickens should have a rough go vs the Miami D. Same for Samuel vs GB D.
Ertz has been playing very well and gets the edge with no good pick an option.

Someone dropped Rondale Moore on waivers…better than Ertz tonight?

I would always go with a WR over a TE, and Moore should be picked up anyway–he’s about to become a solid WR2 for the next six weeks or so.

If he hadn’t come available, I would have recommended Samuel, who will have Taylor Heinicke as his QB this week. The one game that Samuel played with Heinicke as his QB in Carolina, he was peppered with 12 targets. Two weeks before that, Heinicke came into a game and threw one pass–a 33 yarder to Samuel.

But yeah, Rondale Moore fer shur.

Thanks for the advice…I have R. Moore and C Samuel now…think I will play Moore tonight and watch how Curtis does with Heinicke…

Wow…Moore is probably a boom or bust now…also looks like he is in a bad offensive scheme…drop candidate…