South Beach Teams Keepers & Trade Options

We have many teams who have more than 8 legit keepers but, if not traded by the keeper deadline, they will be free agents in the draft.

I would advise all managers to sort out who you are keeping and who you would make available in trade.

My keepers are
Burks or Dionte

Trade options

Mike Williams costing a 5 to keep
Schultz costing a 6
Foreman- 16th
Goff- 16th
D0lcich- 16th

Dionte will cost a 6th but I have an extra one as well as an extra 5 for Williams. Burks is a 15th

I cannot take any players and only picks above an 8th round as with my late keepers and trades my draft ends in the 8th round.

I do not see many trades happening as in my view there will only be around 12 keepers dropped between rounds 3 through 6.

You need to have the draft pick cost to keep a player. he has to be among your top 8 keepers and you have to pay the trading team for the deal.

However, there are still deals to be made and low and undrafted players available.