South Beach Dynasty Transition

As we know we will have 5 rounds of keepers to satisfy existing trades. The keeper deadline will be 3 weeks before our draft.

Kevin and I will have off season trading but limited to the top 5 rounds of players and picks, other than late pick throw ins. There is no keeper cost on players selected after the 5th.

After the keeper deadline teams will own all players on their rosters going into the draft.
We will draft the remainder of our dynasty roster of up to 22.

There will be no taxi squad as Yahoo does not have them and Sleepers goes through the rosters. This had me go from 20 to a 22 man roster. IR of 3 and a waiver budget of $100 will stay the same as does scoring.

I’m planning to keep the line ups the same as they’ve worked out well.

Any suggestions or new ideas?

You know I’d love to add a Superflex. But I know your opinion on that. :crazy_face:

Lineup worked well, indeed.

How about the offseason? Will Yahoo start supporting that? Or do we have to play pen & paper dynasty during the offseason?

About the draft: what’s the plan after the transition? Do we draft “rookies only” or “rookies + free agents”? Personally, I have no strong preference here. Also, do we snake the draft? Here, I do have a strong preference, and that’s “linear / non-snaking”. Makes turnarounds for rebuilding teams a lot easier.

Another detail that just crosses my mind - do we enforce a trade deadline?

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Yahoo will not support off season activity as they close. They are the choice this season due to circumstance transition and how we are doing it to be simple for teams. Next year we will vote…

You ask valid other questions that will be answered at the year end league meeting. The important ones for now are those affecting rosters and managers player decisions,

I believe we have this answered but wanted to check that all agree and there is nothing we are missing.

We will improve the off season trades through accurate records available to all in commissioners notes so no one has to resort to pen and paper. :slight_smile:

May I add a suggestion instead of Sleeper? While Sleeper is effective, both the app and website are slow loading.

I find Fleaflicker to be superior to Sleeper in both app and website. And they allow off-season trades. And they have all the same roster functionality of any other site.


We plan to reopen for trades after the completion of the playoffs. During this transition year, we prefer to not allow trades in the period between the keeper deadline (top 5 round keepers) and the draft, assuming we stay with Yahoo. Too complex to handle with the Yahoo site. We would resume trading after the draft.

Fleaflicker is my preferred platform by far, with Sleeper coming second. Fleaflicker may look a bit bland, but I find it super efficient. Gives you (almost) all the relevant stats right where you need them. Does not give you shiny player mug shots or flashy animations, but as far as I am concerned, that’s a plus.

It’s simple, and it’s free. For $20 per season, you can make it ad-free and unlock additional stats, player news and rankings, which I find helpful, but it works perfectly fine without it.

I’d be happy to help out on the commish side there, as I already manage 2 leagues on Fleaflicker and know the platform pretty well.

As for the transition - how many players in total are we allowed to carry over to dynasty? The way I read it, 5 players with a keeper value of round 1-5, and then as many as we want after that?

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Guys, I don’t know why I forgot Fleaflicker but sounds like it should be top of the list. I would be happy to pay $20 for no ads.

Zak, appreciate the offer to help and will take you up on it. Do you think they can handle the transition with no problems?

The transition carry over will be up to the 16 man roster we carry, up to 5 keepers and the balance of your roster added before the draft.

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I’ve never done it before, but I don’t see any major problems. I can set up the teams and then send invites to their owners, so that they can claim them. I can set up the draft order as well and emulate the pick trades that have been made.

As for the draft, I’m still not 100% sure - will we have 1 draft or 2 this offseason?

And when you say:

What is the difference between “roster” and “keeper” here?
Carry over 5 keepers means we can keep 5 players.
Carry over the 16 man roster means we can keep 16 players.
And what do you mean by “balance of your roster added before the draft”?

You can keep up to 5 players in the top 5 rounds costing picks.

They are added to the players not in the top 5 rounds costing nothing.

We then have one draft to fill out the dynasty rosters.

The league will have to vote on moving.

Gotcha. I hope :sweat_smile:
1 draft
16 keepers
Keepers with round 1-5 value cost a pick
Keepers from rounds 6+ cost nothing to keep, and will only reduce the number of available picks for that team…

So we enter the draft with max. 16 keepers. As rosters increase to 22, it means each team will get at least 6 picks (if they carry over their entire roster) and max. 22 picks, in case they would not keep a single player (unlikely, I know).

A team with 16 keepers and none of them having round 1-5 value will pick in rounds 1-6.
A team with 16 keepers and 5 of them having round 1-5 value will pick in rounds 6-11.
Anythig in between will be determined accordingly.


Question: can I keep more than 5 players with round 1-5 value?
Also, what happens if I traded away my round 1-5 picks, but still want to keep players from the early rounds?

Also, I’m not quite sure yet how to emulate that in a draft. But we’ll figure it out. Guess we’ll have to do a slow draft. Fleaflicker does not allow the commishs to adjust rosters during an ongoing draft. The commish can reverse draft picks and assign a player to the team on the clock, though.

My best idea here is that we completely empty the rosters at the beginning of the draft. Ahead of the draft, .we’ll distribute a “do not draft” spreadsheet with players that must not be picked manually as they had been marked as keepers by their teams.

And we provide a spreadsheet with pre-filled draft board, showing at what pick a player will be assigned to what team, and what picks are available for the team to execute them. If a team is on the clock with an available pick, that team can then select any player that is not on the “do not draft” list.

That should work. Might take a few days to finish the draft, but it will work.

I just found that Fleaflicker even has an import function for Yahoo and ESPN leagues.

Just tried it (don’t worry, it’s read-only on the Yahoo side), and it seems to work pretty well. A few manual adjustments needed, but overall, it looks okay.

That should make the transition a lot easier, should we decide to go that way.

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Example- A team has 11 players which belong to them next year. They have 5 which are undecided until the keeper deadline.

Team keeps 3. He has 14 players going into the draft and will draft 8.

We are thinking of putting players ar the bottom of the 22 man draft with picks on top.

W will draft 5 rounds with missing keepers and the rest a straight draft. Each team draft until 22 and done.

You NEED the pick to keep the player in the top 5. More than one keeper in a round will be dropped to next available or to the balance of the roster.

That would make sense.

So if I traded away my 1st, I can still keep all my top 5 players - 4 will cost me my 2-5 picks, and one will be kept for free?

That does make sense, but is also what will make it difficult to emulate. Some teams may transition with less than 16 players on the roster. Also, teams will have different amounts of round 1-5 keepers.

But the approach I outlined above should do the trick. I hope. :sweat_smile:

I can see that you would be some fun to work a project with.

I would prefer to avoid the spreadsheet solution but better to talk with Kevin who is more tech savvy and knowledgeable on some of the problems we resolved with clearing the rosters last year.

Might indeed not be needed. Fleaflicker seems to allow setting each and every pick manually. Must be a new feature, they didn’t have that 2 years ago when I last looked at it.

So it might indeed be possible to emulate the final draft board before the draft starts.

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NO, each keeper cost the pick in the drafted round.

I would think the draft will be handled like keepers with different numbers of picks.

I will set the keeper deadline 3 weeks before the draft to allow plenty of time for whichever site to make a smooth transition for managers.

So which of both is it?

I gave you my 1st for Waddle, and have 6 players from the first 5 rounds:
Najee Harris (1)
Jaylen Waddle (2)
JSN (2)
Josh Allen (3)
Mike Evans (3)
Amon-Ra St. Brown (5)

So how many of these players can I keep?