South Beach Off Season Trades

We will have a one week trade window open in August, 2 weeks before the keeper deadline. It makes the most sense for this league at this time in it’s first season. Thoughts?

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Why don’t we keep the trade window open all offseason?

And why are we drafting so very late?

I have to agree with @ZakHH . We may want to consider drafting 2-3 weeks before the start of the season, in case anyone wants to make any trades after the draft.

In order to compensate for this much time, you can open the waiver wire about a week or 2 before the season, so last minute injuries can get replacements, if necessary.

The draft is held late, like this year, to allow managers to avoid drafting injured players. The same is true for the keepers. I cannot open the waiver wire. That and allowing trades is by Yahoo. We’re doing the window trades by hand.

The trade window is limited as some managers have no interest in fantasy involvement all year long, same as why the sleeper site change did not go over.

This is new for everyone. I believe all will be more comfortable and involved after going through the actual process of keepers and the draft.

Understand that any two managers can agree to a trade now or anytime. It just will not be official until August. Myself and others have done this many times over the years.

If you choose to do this be advised that both trading partners must be in the league or the new manager has to agree for the trade to happen.

I would also advise to come to an injury agreement on if and when it can be voided by either side.

Then, enter the trade into our message board with both sides posting to agree.