Keeper Drafts Are Very Different

Forget about the ranks as they mean much less in keepers with all those players not there. Managers have picked top players in later rounds which now come off the board. To give you an idea I use one of my 10 team leagues.

Of the top 10 ranked players, 5 are keepers picked in later rounds. Five players picked will not be ranked top 10.

Go to 11-20 and deduct another 5 and the 3rd has 6 of 10.

Of the top 30 ranked players 16 are not available as they are keepers.

This is imperative to sort out in deciding who th keep.

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Good advice! I love it!

Years ago I learned the hard way by making a great trade for what I thought to be a great pick. and even gloated a bit.

The “Humble Pie” which followed needed a ton of hot sauce to deal with. lol

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I love me some hot sauce!

True story but not with humble pie. lol

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