A Trading Frenzy

Over the last few days I have traded Taylor and Addison for Hill, Two second rounders, which in our keeper league project as #6 and 7 overall for aging stars Ekeler and Kelce for a stretch run and finally Waddle fr a 1st rounder with Zak which now gives me 4 #1 picks in the coming draft. Crazy stuff. lol

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Since it is a keeper league, how many players currently on your roster will you have to sacrifice a 1st round pick to keep?

Only one, if you have more than one player from the same round you need one pick to keep one and any others are dropped to the next available open pick.

I dont plan on keeping Kelce and Ekeler past the season and not sure on Hill. I will have Chase and Robinson is all for sure.

Also as things stand we can only keep 8 meaning lots of off season trades.

UNLESS you have multiple picks in that round. And you do.

No, I don’t know where you heard that but it is not true.

Multiple picks are dropped to the next available open pick the same as are two.