South Beach Possible Rule Change

This is a change I have been considering for some time and would like opinions.

In keepers the norm is being able to keep a player for 3 years, costing the same or a higher draft pick each year. Then he goes back to the draft.

In dynasty you get to hold on to a play for as long as you want at no additional cost.

In South Beach you can hold a player as long as you like but will cost the same draft pick each year.

Would you consider it better if a 3 year keeper went back to the draft or was considered paid for and would only cost a team’s last pick in future?

There is good and bad on both sides.

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That’s going to be a headache for you to maintain. Considering NFL rookie contracts run about 4 years with a 5th year option, I’m not sure a 3 year turnaround gets us anything. Adding one more variable for you to oversee doesn’t really make the league any more fun, and certainly not for you.

My vote: :-1:

The rookie contract means nothing here. Yahoo oversee it. In a keeper league if I put in a 3 year max keeper they will not allow the 4th year, etc.

In any league you have to monitor and maintain a balance for 10 or more people to stay interested and happy.

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The keeper rules are complicated enough as it is already. This is not a criticism, I really like the “keeper league with a twist” approach. But I wouldn’t make it more complicated.

Outside of the QB position, few players are capable of playing on a high level for much longer than 3 years. There will be a natural pressure to give up players because they don’t represent the costs of keeping them any longer. No need to enforce that by rule.

It would also make it a lot less attractive to stash players that may still need a year or even 2 to break out.

I would not make this change.


Thanks guys. Leaving well enough alone is a great option.

That said I just have to comment and chuckle with Zak on over complicating a league, This coming from someone who want to introduce people to dynasty by them having to learn about eveery NFL trams entire roster

Not complicated enough, let’s add changing kicker scoring and QB sacks on top: “Do As I Say & Not As I do.” Priceless. :slight_smile:

That comes with the format. In a 10 team, 16 roster league, 160 players are rostered, and you can focus on the ones that currently produce.

In a 12 team, 25 roster dynasty, 300 players are rostered, and you need to stash players that may only break out in 1 or 2 years. Plus, you need to be aware of the surrounding factors.

Example: Dallas rookie TE Jake Ferguson. In redraft or keeper formats, you don’t miss anything if you never heard the name. In dynasty, you should be aware that A) TEs typically need 1-3 years to develop as pass catchers in the NFL, B) Ferguson showed some flashes in his rookie year already, and C) the guy sitting above him on the depth chart (Dalton Schultz) will be a free agent after this season, and the Cowboys may need the franchise tag to retain Tony Pollard. All that makes Ferguson a good dynasty stash.

But that is normal and applies to pretty much every dynasty format.

Agree but over-complicating would be changing kickers and sacks, etc. in addition. Just my view.

I used the NFL rookie contract as a “realistic” example, as you have said multiple times how you want fantasy football to be as close to real as possible. It’s nice to see you didn’t really mean that. :wink:

God forbid we should make a rostered position more competitive with the other positions! SMH

@SoBe717 Joe, remind me again - our draft keeps snaking, correct?
And when was the deadline to set the keepers?

It is snake for this draft. The league could change that for 2024 this off season.

The draft is 1 week before the season, Keepers 1 week before the draft and a 1 week trade window 2 weeks before keepers.

I am thinking of going to 10 days before the draft for keepers and the same for the trade window.

Thanks! I knew you had mentioned it, but didn’t remember the final call.

Now that I’ll have to keep Najee, I’m pondering whom to drop instead. Tough decision. But good to know I can wait until after the NFL draft and free agency before I have to make it.

Also, it’s after the off season trade window. Who knows what trade winds will come up between now and then.

You will not officially know which keepers are being kept by other teams. However, in the past managers have been good about telling us in advance.
If they do, you can decide on who is a 1 and a 2 between Harris and a rookie.