South Beach Draft Pick Value

We are not close in draft pick value to a regular keeper league or dynasty or redraft. Our picks are rookies and vets combined with 70-80 of the best players deleted as keepers from our draft. Our value is much less than the others.

I may be wrong but expect we will only have around 15 actual picks used in the first six rounds because of the keepers. Aside from rookies a first or second round pick will get a 6th round or later player and most all rookies are picked later than that.

Just something I have been asked to clarify.

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Answers to Questions"

I sent the Dynasty ranks now while the season is fresh in your minds to get an idea of the value of your players. Ir is a rough idea which will change with FA and the draft.

I will send the rookie ranks today.

Our rookie value is diminished because they have to compete with vets for the pick. For example:

Vet RBs like Cook and Henry could be available from teams looking to get younger. Add in a number a good FAs and 2nd teamers looking to take over like Perine, Herbert, Mattison and J Cook. They are likely going to give more production than the rookies after the first few.

WRs K Allen, M Evans along with Kirk, Cooper, M Williams, Jeudy and M Brown have all proven scorers. The rookies are likely a year away as we saw last draft with Much better WRs.

Hope this answers everyone.