Second Keeper Hybrid- A Cash League

The 2nd league will also be an 8 player keeper hybrid like the first, However, it will be a $20 for the year cash league with all money going to prizes at year’s end.
Yahoo will be handling the money and takes credit cards. This will be in July.

have 4 players already. Anyone having interest post it here or drop me a message.

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So tell me the rules/scoring please? And will it only be 8, or could we increase the size if more are interested?

Rules and scoring from Yahoo, same as 1st league (on team age).
Eight keepers, 10 teams also the same.

Cash league is different.

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If you get more interest than 10 teams, consider expanding. Otherwise, count me in.

I could very well have more than enough for a third league. I normally don’t even mention a new league until July but invited a few who looked like very good fits in personality and knowledge.

This is also a forum focus to add more good posters who comment on a steady basis.

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What do you consider an ideal league size? To me, 8 is kind of small. 10 is kind of a minimum. 12 is good. 16 is ideal.

Most definitely 53 and to be working in the NFL.

Fantasy league owners, not NFL players! :stuck_out_tongue:

You have your fantasy. I have mine.