South Beach Keeper/Dynasty Final Four

We have gone through a brutal battle of a challenging and overly competitive season and we have the four best surviving.

Zak, Damian/August with myself are posters here and the 4th is Kevin
who is top notch. All four teams have talent, game breakers and top managers. The projected point difference is a few points between all four. It’s gonna be some fun.

I play Kevin who took over a bad team with his Rescue Mission name and was supposed to be bad. I believed that and traded for his 1st pick which is not good. He also kicked my ass late in season and I do hate him in looking for revenge. :sunglasses:

Zak, the champ from last season, and Damian face off in the second match up. I look forward to playing one of them, no matter which. :grin:

I’m looking forward to having this over hahaha. I’ve been going back and forth with my line up for a week now. I have a feeling that if I loose one of the biggest culprits will be on my bench.

Oh well. I didn’t need diggs to do anything tonight anyway.

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Jesus and Kincade too. What a disaster

Damn you havoc!!! Damn you!!! Hahahaa

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Always at your service. :sweat_smile:


LOL, I liked this comment a bit better,

Not my fault that my Allen threw the ball everywhere except of his Diggs. :innocent:

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Hahahaa. I hope today is more interesting

I know how this is going to end. Nice job havoc!! Congrats

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Awesome. Just for those at home. Addison. Out. Hockenson. Out. Moore. Out. Hahahaa. I hate this shit!!!

Soooo… Mr South Beach, I heard we have an appointment this week.
Just sent Mike Evans a message explaining the general situation. He promised me to pull an Amari Cooper this week :smiling_imp:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I’d make the final this year.

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Ho, ho, ho! I had a Very Merry Fantasy Christmas winning my game fo advance to the final.

I fully expect a Very Happy Fantasy New Year with my South Beach Thunder winning the title at the expense of Zak’s Hamburg Havoc.
Really looking forward to it.

I would strongly recommend you schedule a root canal appointment at the same time. It will be Far less painful. :sunglasses:

Yeah, the sweet pleasure of triumph would certainly ease the pain. :smiling_imp:

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That would happen IF and when Satan is throwing snowballs on South Beach. :sweat_smile:

To be serious for a moment, I did not expect you in the finals. You did a fine job in adding pieces through waivers and trade. Of course it was with my help in dropping Evans and trading Waddle just like my trade of Jacobs las year was a big reason for that title.

I do plan to stop history from repeating. We are very even with me being favored by 2 and it should be some fun

|1.|Hamburg Havoc|100|
|2.|South Beach Thunder|100|
|3.|Rescue Mission|97|
|4.|Cosmic Surfers|94|
|5.|Georgia Rednex|90|
|7.|Village Glen Vandals.|87|
|8.|Scruffy City Fin Fan|85|

Our rankings from FP

I won the title in a good, close game down to the wire. At one point the scores were 110.4 for both Zak and myself with projections of 121.8 for me and 121.6 for Zak. Unreal.

Can’t believe the season is over and was sooo frakin crazy.

Just for Zak