South Beach Stretch Run Thoughts

Most every team is in the races for a title. The few who were not were crippled by injury. Gonna be a crazy playoff race in both leagues.

Pick Experts

Power Rankings

1. South Beach Thunder 100
2. Hamburg Havoc 83
3. Village Glen Vandals. 82
4. Georgia Rednex 78
5. Bruisers 74
6. Rescue Mission 70
7. Cosmic Surfers 65
9. Sicarios 55
10. Scruffy City Fin Fan 47

Here are today’s FP power rankings for dynasty. I thought I was rid of Havoc for this year but see I was mistaken. lol

Ed also has a better roster than his record due to injuries.

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It would be great for me if Yahoo counted power ranks instead of scores. LOL

Achane is back, baby!

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Our 1, 2 and 4 teams are within 2 points of each other in points scored after 10 games.
That’s balance.

Zak, do you have your power rating?

I haven’t updated the teams for ages. Maybe I’ll do that now, don’t have a whole lot to do until kickoff.

My power ranking is baed on dynasty value only, which will be an even better indicator, come next year, but has its shortcomings right now. Even in dynasty leagues, it tends to fade teams with older players that still perform well.

It has been a pretty solid indicator in recent years, but not necessarily on a week-by-week basis.

So - here’s my updated table:

563 South Beach Thunder
494 Hamburg Havoc
439 Rescue Mission
436 Georgia Rednex
435 Sicarios
427 Village Glen Vandals
423 Krash Test Dummies
389 Cosmic Surfers
387 Scruffy City Fin Fan
324 Bruisers

The one big disadvantage of my power rankings: while they represent the dynasty value of a team, they do not take future draft picks into account.

So a team like South Beach Thunder, that loaded up on 1st round picks, will get a lot more valuable next year. Whereas teams that spend early future picks on valuable players will see an immediate boost in team value, but will feel the fallout next year, when they have to sit out in the draft.

Also, injured players are not taken into account. So if you have a valuable player who currently is on IR, your team value will not suffer, while your weekly performance certainly will.


Thanks Man, that is some good stuff. Good discussions. We should do it every weekend.

I won both games in our leagues to be in 1st by points tiebreaker and 2nd by a game. Both leagues have been really competitive this season and expect the same the rest of the year.

The players putting me in this position have been Herbert, K Allen, Etienne and the Cowboys.