South Beach Final Draft Order

|1|Hamburg Havoc|8-6
|*2|Mack’s Matchless Team|9-5
|*3|Georgia Rednex|10-4
|*5|Village Glen Vandals.|7-7 Traded to Cosmic Surfers
|*6|South Beach Thunder|8-6
|7|Cosmic Surfers|3-11 Traded to South Beach
|9|Ernest’s Incredible Team|3-11

Just reverse the final standings.

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Does Yahoo offer any option to see the future draft board, to check which picks have been traded?

Go to tool bar on team page, draft and draft picks to see who has what.

When the new season opens and I transform to keepers Yahoo gives each team’s rosters with draft picks showing the keeper cost.

They also give a keeper page with your players to just click who you want to keep. We will see this league get more interesting, challenging and fun come next August, the month not the player. :slight_smile:

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Last time I checked, I beat Krash Test Dummies in the consolation bracket, so I should have the 7th pick?

Even if you ignore the consolation game, he was seeded higher than me going into the playoffs, so I should still be ahead of him in draft rank.

The winning team drafts after the losing team. This is the way of things have been in like forever.

I changed that in both my dynasties in recent years. Third place holds no glory, so if you punish the winner of the 3rd place game, teams have zero incentive to try and win it.

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What @ZakHH just said. Next time I’ll start my worst roster.

The same thing applies to every consolation game. I have considered adding a game to the regular season and eliminating them completely.

Then you have leagues like this where everyone fave their best and no one quit to lose and het a higher pick.

Just a little FYI I already explained to Kevin and his guys. I added Goff and Dovonte off waivers which all managers can see on Yahoo’s transactions and players. However, there was a glitch with the Hamlin end of season and they did not get to my roster.

Yahoo said our season is over and they are mine but cannot be added until next season when I transform the league to Keeper.

Just to keep everything above board.