New Game in Town

I have given up trying to salvage an existing roster league and am starting from scratch, I have 6 managers and need 4 more. They are good, One has been the commissioner of Dynasty for 18 years and has his dad with him.

Simple PPR Nd draft. Yahoo will decide when.

For me, I’ve been known to kick some ass and talk some trash (all in fun)
Where is "lil Elfie? :slight_smile:

Bring me in! I’m ready!

Welcome tho South Beach Fantasy, gonna be some fun. I’m going to have to take a refresher course on how to draft without keepers and just sit and wait for the draft.

With a verbal earlier we are up to 8 managers from yesterday. Should be full in the next day or two.

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Have a draft conflict with Sat. Looks like Sunday at 3 is working for all so far. Is that good for you?

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I have another draft at 8 pm on Sunday, so I think that can work. Two league drafts in one day! Sounds like Heaven!

“Honey, bring me my beer…”

P.S. I assume that is 3 pm EST?

LMAO, I have a other draft at 7:30.

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Next year, we do it at the same time. :slight_smile:

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One Eyed Jack has joined us for #9 and waiting an a few others. Will go to 12 but that’s limit.

There is some serious talent in this league with fun attitudes. Gonna be challenging for all. CAN"T WAIT!!!

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Is this a keeper or dynasty league?

Yes, lol. No clue and have nothing but time to decide. We will see how we all get along and what we want to do next year.

That said, this is not a one and done league and will become something different with some having the option of staying the same with another regular league.

I would recommend dynasty, if you want to avoid commissioner headaches. At least with dynasty, you get less collusion late in the season with losers trading good players to playoff teams.

I raised the max teams to 12. I am good with 10 and we have 9 already but, if a couple of others want to join in I do not want to say no.

Format and stuff will come soon but over on Yahoo with the league is better.

Final with 10 and draft order up. I got 10 and liked it but that was when it meant I won something. lol

Seriously, I’m fine with it and know Ed at #8 will leave me a great pick. :slight_smile:

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I’m good with any position. #8 is fine.

Agree, don’t think it matters much. Only problem is I might have ro actually consider taking Henry at #10.

You think Henry lasts until 10th? He’s at 4th in ADP.

Giving Elf something to think about. But, yes it is possible.

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