HAIL Hamburg Havoc!

Congrats to Zak for being the first Champion of the South Beach Fantasy League.

Well done in a crazy year with an even crazier finish.


Thank you. A crazy year, indeed. I certainly wish the final would have ended with a regular score, but all humility aside, I don’t think the outcome would have been different.

As usual, luck was a contributing factor. I had no major injuries among my starters. Even my team grandpa Derrick Henry played for most of the season, which certainly helped.

Next season will be a challenge, though. Looking at my draft position, I will have to keep Najee Harris and hope that Pittsburgh upgrades their o-line, so that he can perform better. I will also need a WR1, as Amon-Ra St. Brown may not be able to repeat his performance with a healthy Jameson Williams by his side. Plus, we don’t know yet who their QB will be, even though I can see Goff agreeing to a restructured contract that will allow the Lions to retain him.

Anyway, that’s future stuff. For the moment, I am happy about the title. Thanks a lot to all owners in this league, it’s been a fun year. And of course, thank you Joe for setting it up and running it well!


I see that you neglected to acknowledge the biggest reason you were able to win this league–Axe Elf wasn’t in it.

But that’s ok, several thousand other Champions this week also owe their success to either the presence of Axe Elf’s advice or the absence of Axe Elf’s competition, so whether you win or lose, if you play fantasy football, Axe Elf has got your back.

Congratulations! Interesting year definitely


If this was interesting I’ll take boring for 2023. lol


Congratulations sir!

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This league was a pleasure to run with all the great managers. There was little for Kevin and I to do other than having to replace two who did not have the time to play. We upgraded very well with Kevin 2 at Sicarios and Damian at Village.

They will now have a full season to show what they did in a short time. Our last two finishers had high score in playoff weeks. I spoke with our co-commish Kevin earlier and he is loaded for bear saying “The Game Is On!!!” I called his game and raised him mine. We both hated this year’s results.

Bottom line Stefan, enjoy your win this year but, expect a “One and Done” as opposed to any semblance of a repeat. We are ALL coming for that title.

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You axed for a reply if people were interested; I wasn’t interested.

Doubtful, as I was in three Championship games out of five leagues this season (and will be the Champion of two leagues as the scores stand now), made the playoffs in four of those five leagues, and was one game out of the playoffs in the fifth.

The reason(s) I wasn’t interested were that it was going to be a keeper/dynasty league, which I detest, and it was going to be a beginner level keeper/dynasty league at that (snake draft), and Axe Elf has better things to do with his fantasy football time than compete against every greenhorn who wants to make a name for themselves by taking down the legend.

You can’t just challenge Mike Tyson to a boxing match and bank on landing a lucky punch to take the heavyweight title; you have to earn the right to be in the same ring with the best in the first place.

Many challenge Axe Elf every season. Few are chosen. Better luck next year.

No worries. I’ll take care of business next year. I already have a solid base. I can add to it easily.

I question that solid base and you claiming how good your draft was. You went old with Cook and Adams and Pitts was out of the TE picture before the injury.

Hall was a good pick but injured and have to see and Dillon was not very good.

Those ar your top 5 picks you think were great but, they were not.

And then there was…

I find it interesting where you decided to quit looking at my draft. Coincidence? I think not.


LOL However, one player does not make a draft. What else ya got?

I like how you glossed over Adams as old, even though he is still an elite WR, 3rd best WR in our league.

Speaking of old, Dalvin Cook did ok, as the 8th best RB in our league.

We will see how Kyle Pitts does next year with Ridder as his QB, instead of that awful Mariota.

Rhamondre Stevenson was the 10th best RB in our league, and I got him in the 7th round. Garrett Wilson was the 22nd best WR, and I got him in the 14th round. Jerry Jeudy was 26th best WR, and I got him in the 10th round.

Considering this was auto-drafted based on my draft list, I’d call it a success.

I have the utmost respect for Adams. He was a big part of me getting two Yahoo titles. However, he is old and this is a keeper hybrid to be concerned with the future as well. You try to say better than me and not even in a fantasy of a fantasy is that remotely true.

And yet, my team still did better than yours? I’m better at determining my starting rosters each week? My free agent acquisitions? Or is it the lucky rabbit’s foot I keep on my desk? Yeah, it’s that last one, isn’t it? :rabbit2:

You have moved on from fantasy to delusion. PLEASE send me a bit of what you have been smokin. :slight_smile:


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A belated congratulations to the Hamburg Havoc from Kevin (2) at the Sicarios. I had not realized we had called it official yet, but you were clearly the dominant team in the finals regardless of the CIN/BUF treatment. Great job!


That is my fault Kevin. I posted the decision here and with the other Kevin but not with you or Tim. Yahoo did declare him Champion on our team page but I should have emailed you guys. Apologies.

Glad you stopped by.

Thanks Kevin, I appreciate it. Looking forward to next season already. Defending that title will be more than challenging.