South Beach Draft Update

|1|Hamburg Havoc|8-6
|*2|Mack’s Matchless Team|9-5
|*3|Georgia Rednex|10-4
|*5|Village Glen Vandals.|7-7 Traded to Cosmic Surfers
|*6|South Beach Thunder|8-6
|7|Cosmic Surfers|3-11 Traded to South Beach
|9|Ernest’s Incredible Team|3-11

Just reverse the final standings.

I spoke with Kevin from Sicarios earlier and he told me he is very likely to keep his keepers in the 1st round. So, it now very much appears that there will only be
three actual picks used in the first.

I would have the first two and Ed would have the third. Zak may reconsider and I expect to have some fun with offering the #2 pick but that is it.

I see more than 60 of the best players not being available in our draft. All of our teams do have talent which was planned for a 10 team league but managers will be challenged to add to that talent come August by trade and draft.

I always plan for the next season now when info is fresh.

The NFL opening game is on Sept 7.

Our tentative schedule:

Draft- Aug 27 Sunday

Keeper Deadline- Aug 16

Trade Window Deadline- Aug 7

Keeping 8 players will be difficult for most teams and you can try and trade who you do not keep for a pick or lose them for nothing come August. The trading team MUST have a pick to keep them or there is no trade.

Ten days between keepers and draft should be enough time to reset draft boards. I project there will be some very good talent released from keepers.

I’m thinking of 8 PM EST for the draft. I know Zak will be sleeping but volunteer to do his draft for him. After all, what are friends for?

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Don’t worry. I never sleep. :smiling_imp:

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We, as well as Ed and some other managers, are gonna expose good /VG players to mix in with the great rookie draft. It will be challenging. Are you sure you don;t want me to do your draft for you?

My latest prediction on how many will be keeping and who will be drafting:

1st- 3, My 2 open picks and Ed drops Cook

2nd- 2, Henry and Fournette

3rd- 2, Evans? and Village open/

4th- 4, Conner, Elliot, Mitchell, So Be open.

5th- 3, Brady, Village & Ernest open

Overall view- Cook and Henry will attract interest but see no one else. I expect we will have only 14 picks being available over 5 rounds with only ones getting interest as Cook and Henry maybe 3rd- 4th round.

Rookies and some very good cut players will make up the top of our draft.

My eight keepers and players up for trade before the keeper deadline:

QB Herbert
RB’s ETN, Swift, Akers
WR’s Cee Dee, AJ, London and Burks

Available for trade:
QB- Goff UND
RB- D Freeman UND
WR- M Williams5, D Johnson 6, K Toney UND
TE- Schultz 6 and Dulcich UND

UND is undrafted costing your last pick as a keeper.

***Any trade must be for a Keeper and you must have the draft pick to pay for him.

I cannot accept players only picks and they have to be higher than an 8th rounder.