South Beach Draft Order Taking Shape

The order will not be set until after this weeks games but for now we know that Ernest and Bruisers will be in the first two positions.

Sicarios and Cosmic traded to South Beach play for the 3 and 4 spots.

South Beach has the 5 spot with Village at #6 traded to Cosmic.

Ed’s Rednex will play Kevin’s Krash for 7 and 8

Zak’s Havoc plays Macks Team for the title and 9 and 10 spots.

I expect the following keepers to be kept:

Ernest- McCaffrey
Bruisers- Taylor
Cosmic- Ekeler and Mixon are both firsts.
Krash- Chase
Mack- Jefferson

This would leave the top 5 actual picks to:

#1 or #2- Sicarios or South Beach.
#3- South Beach
#4- Rednex
#5- Havoc

I may be wrong but this makes sense to me from what I know of the managers.
I need Tim’s Cosmic to lose to his brother Kevin 2’s Sicarios for a shot at #1.
My trade did not guarantee or give me #1 as we can see and I tried to explain the risk back when the deal was made.

If I do not get the top pick my trade is is not that good as Jameson, in my view, is better than any WR in this fairly week class of WRs.

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Having the 4th pick is a great place to draft. Without doing any scouting, that’s a great place to grab a BPA.

My Projected Available Players:

2nd Round

Havoc- Henry
Mack- A Jones
Ernest- Kamara
Bruisers- Fournette


Ernest- Evans
Cosmic- Deebo


Sicarios- Conner
Mac Zeke
Bruisers- E Mitchell

That’s it and not a lot of talent to choose from. The later rounds will offer more.

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I’m actually leaning more towards a rookie.