South Beach Dynasty Transition

Does FF have prize leagues and a chat?

Prize leagues must be handled manually, but that’s the same on every platform I know. Prizes are usually handled via LeagueSafe.

A chat - no. But a league message board. Which I find preferable, as you can discuss things by topic there. A chat is nice for gameday banter, but otherwise gets clunky quickly.

Fleaflicker does offer a keeper setting, though. Which will be helpful even after transition, as I would recommend to keep the number of keepers lower than the roster limit. With a 22 man roster, I’d recommend 18 keepers, so that each team will have at least 4 open spots for next year’s draft.

FF also offers a configurable TAXI squad. And off-seaon trades.

All, one of the 2nd’s or one of the 3rd’s will be dropped to the 4th if you have one or down to the rest of roster. You just need one pick in the round to do this.

We will be dynasty after the draft.

So I could keep Najee, even though he has 1st round value and I don’t have a 1st round pick?

Np, was not thinking you had no 1st. You will need to trade him.


That’s indeed an important detail all owners should be aware of before making more trades .It’s not a dealbreaker for our Waddle trade, but in other scenarious, it could be.

The draft pick overview on Yahoo is accurate, correct?

Is there a way to find out which players have which keeper round value? I have it in my magic spreadsheet for my players, but not for all others.

Managers have been advised of this at least 3 times. I believed you knew as Harris has been a trade pain in the past.

Yahoo draft- draft results gives you all picks round by round.

I was aware that I may not be able to keep him when I accepted the Waddle trade. So I’m not complaining. But I indeed wasn’t aware of the transition details. I know it has been discussed in the league chat, but it’s rather difficult to keep track of things there, especially when you didn’t follow it for a couple of days.

Which, again, is something I can blame on nobody else but myself. :sweat_smile:

True story. IF you are too busy to learn, you cannot complain of what you do not know. :sunglasses:

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