Best Strategy for Dynasty/Keeper Start Ups

I spoke to an analyst yesterday and we have differences on our plan of attack for dynasty and keeper start ups. Neither one is bad but depends on your point of view.

He has a 3 year plan as he knows many leagues will fold within that time and he wants a ring before that happens. So, he drafts vet players he believes will fit into that plan and win him a title, which they did this past season.

I drafted very young planning to have my core getting better and being there the next 5 years or more. I did that with my bench as well. I am very happy with my plan as the kids have increased their value and those on the bench, coming on in the second half allowed me to have VG trades for picks.

We agreed that he had a big advantage in year 1, that I should have an edge in year 2 with my guys stepping up and his guys maybe losing a bit, with the big advantage to me in year 3.

Which is the better choice for managers to use?

The plan to treat a dynasty startup like a redraft league is legit. It is risky, though. If you don’t win a title, you may have to start a multi-year rebuild already in year 2.

I also prefer to keep my team young. In my main dynasty, I have made 3 consecutive title runs now (1 successful), while none of my players are older than 26 or 27. I also like to trade for an extra 1st or 2nd every year. My team should be a contender in 2023 once again, and it doesn’t look like I will have to go full rebuild any time soon.

I do agree it is legit and he is a long time analyst and top manager.

Here’s the shocker. We agree as you have seen with my roster and trades, Sure you did not copy me? :slight_smile: The first year can be rough with keeping the bench very young as well.

Keeping spots for Pickens, Jameson, Burks London, etc, who were not ready to step in hurt some in the loss column. However, they with the kids drafted early are better and while tuff to bite the bullet for a year it would appear my core is set to challenge for years to come.

Stefan, You forgot to list yourself to manage, at the right price of course. lol

As mentioned a while back, Allen is intriguing but need a rough idea of what you are looking for before that goes to interest. I’m thinking that, while it can be agreed to now, any big trade may be much easier after the draft as to not have the keeper cost. JMO

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