Looking for 2 owners to fill a long running custom roster/scoring keeper league

Looking for 2 fantasy baseball owners to fill 2 leaving players. This is a FREE(the commish pays) 12 team keeper league with minor league keepers extended roster slow live draft that can take 2 weeks(ask that you check twice a day once in the morning and once at night and or communicate by text) Please be Christ-like clean and respectful and most important be a baseball fan! Hopefully, the strike won’t ruin this season. Please see below for league details.




Active Players 15 17
Reserve Players 0 10
Injured Players 0 1
Minors Players 0 8
Total Players 15 36
C 1 2 No Limit
1B 1 2 No Limit
2B 1 2 No Limit
3B 1 2 No Limit
SS 1 2 No Limit
OF 4 4 No Limit
SP 5 6 No Limit
RP 1 2 No Limit
Illegal rosters score zero points in standings.
Injured players do not count against positional roster limits.
Minor league players do not count against positional roster limits.



|Player Eligibility|Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they’ve played 30 games last year or 15 games this year.|


Here is the draft order for this season based on the end of season power ranking standings

  1. Washington Olympics

  2. Greenville Drive

  3. Stage 5 Clingers

  4. Tempe Foot Klan

  5. Starkist Tunamen

  6. Bada Bing!!

  7. Music City Mafia

  8. San Diego Storm

  9. Ozark Mountain Jive Turkeys

  10. Yellow Jackets Baseball

  11. Carolina Maestros

  12. N.O Renegades


1B Singles 1 point
2B Doubles 2 points
3B Triples 3 points
BB Walks (Batters) 1 point
CS Caught Stealing -1 point
CYC Hitting for the Cycle 5 points
GDP Ground Into Double Plays -1 point
HP Hit by Pitch 1 point
HR Home Runs 4 points
IB Intentional Walks 1 point
KO Strikeouts (Batter) -1 point
R Runs 1 point
RBI Runs Batted In 1 point
SB Stolen Bases 2 points
B Balks -1 point
BBI Walks Issued (Pitchers) -1 point
BS Blown Saves -5 points
CG Complete Games 5 points
ER Earned Runs -1 point
HA Hits Allowed -1 point
HB Hit Batsmen -1 point
INN Innings 3 points
K Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
L Losses -5 points
NH No-Hitters 20 points
PG Perfect Games 30 points
PKO Pick Offs 1 point
S Saves 10 points
SO Shutouts 10 points
W Wins 10 points
WP Wild Pitches -1 point


Scoring System Head-to-Head, Points
Scoring per Period Scoring based on total stats each period.
Matchup Tiebreaker Ties go to the team with better ERA.


Period Length Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays
Periods Start Monday
Season Starts Thu, Mar 31, 2022
Matchups Per Period 7
Playoffs Start Period 25
Playoffs Last 3 Periods
Automatic Playoffs No
Archive Standings Yes
Standings Tiebreaker Ties in the standings are resolved in this order: Winning Percentage, Total Points, Winning Percentage.
Division Winner Tiebreaker Ties for division winner are resolved using standings tiebreakers
Playoffs Matchup Tiebreaker Playoff ties go to the team with better H.

The National Association League Rules

These rules are either not covered or take precedent over the CBS rules.

The current version of the rules are effective beginning with the 2011 season. Any changes to these rules will not be enforced until they are rewritten following the 2011 season and prior to the 2012 season

Commissioner, dated 2-26-2011

  1. League Fees

The league is a pay league and annual fees are paid for by the members of this league. While not mandatory, it is recommended that everyone participate in paying their portion (or an amount they are able to pay) in order to keep the league intact.

2011 - Stembridge made payment
2012 - Glassock made payment
2013 - Spangle made payment
2014 - Spangle made payment
2015 - Spangle made payment
2016 - Glassock made (2/3) and Spangle made (1/3) of payment
2017 - Spangle made payment
2018 - Spangle made payment
2019 - Spangle made payment
2020 - Spangle made payment
2021 - Spangle made payment

  1. Draft Dates

The draft is held every year and will be conducted on the following dates.

2011 - 3/10/2011 7:00 PM ET
2012 - 3/09/2012 7:00 PM ET
2013 - 3/08/2013 7:00 PM ET
2014 - 3/07/2014 7:00 PM ET
2015 - 3/07/2015 7:00 PM ET
2016 - 3/18/2016 7:00 PM ET
2017 - 3/17/2017 8:00 PM ET
2018 - 3/15/2018 6:00 PM ET
2019 - 3/9/2019 6:00 PM ET
2020 - 3/6/2019 6:00 PM ET

  1. Draft

The draft will consist of 20 rounds and the draft order is based on the reverse order of total power ranking points accumulated during the previous regular season (playoffs are not considered). Power ranking points are found under the power ranking standings and is the rightmost column called “Power” and is the combined total of the other columns in this table. The team with the least amount of total power ranking points will select first and the team with the greatest amount of power ranking points will select last. The draft is a snake draft. All teams are allowed 12 hours to make a pick. Once the alloted time has expired the highest player in the managers personal que or the highest ranked player will be automatically selected. Excessive abuse will result in auto select being permanently activated for that team.

  1. Keepers

At the end of the season, all rosters are frozen. One week prior to the draft all teams must select no less and no more than 4 Major and 8 Minor league players to “keep.”. If a manager cannot fill 4 major league slots and/or 8 minor league spots, then the commissioner will add a placeholder to the team. The placeholder will be a player of no value to fantasy baseball. This player may be replaced during the first add/drop period.

  1. Minor Leaguers “Rookies”

a) Definition of a Minor Leaguer “Rookie”. A player becomes a “Rookie” in the year in which he surpasses 130 ABs or 50 IPs for the season (based on single season total and not cumulative across seasons). All prior years are “pre-rookie” years.

b) During the season, Rookies and Pre-rookies can occupy either a Minor League spot, an active roster spot, or an inactive roster spot. Only rookies and pre-rookies can occupy minor league spots. You must at all times have 8 of your 32 total roster spots occupied by either inactive Rookies and Pre-rookies or by no player at all.

c) A “Pre-rookie” can be kept as a “minor league keeper”. In addition, any “Rookie” can also be kept as a “minor league keeper” at the conclusion of his rookie year through the following years draft. The opening day following the draft, the rookie keeper loses his “rookie” status forever and must be placed in a “major leaguer” roster spot.

  1. Player and Position Eligibility

a) Pitchers

Pitcher position eligibility (SP or RP) is defined by the MLB depth chart link in the site.

Pitchers can be eligible at SP or RP (not both) based on their MLB status for the upcoming week. A RP can only be put into a SP active role if he is scheduled to start in the upcoming week. A SP can only be put into a RP active role if he is scheduled to relieve in the upcoming week. A pitcher, once active as SP or RP, can gain points as both a SP and a RP.

A team may start either 6 SP and 1 RP or 5 SP and 2 RP. No more than 7 total may occupy an Active Roster Spot in any given period.

b) Position Players.

If a position player doesn’t fall within the definition of 30 games previous year or 15 games current year at a particular position, then his position is defined by last position he was eligible. If he has never been officially eligible at a position in MLB, then his position is defined by the most games played at a position in the most recent season in the minors.

All teams must start 1 additional infielder to satisfy the utility infielder requirement. No more or no less than 6 infielders may occupy an Active Roster Spot in any given period.

c) A player may occupy an injured reserve slot if he is placed on the DL. At the time the player comes off the DL, he must be removed from the inured reserved slot for the following scoring period.

d) If a player is not listed at the correct eligible position by CBS based on a) and b) above, it is the owners responsibility to contact the commissioner to change his players status on CBS.

  1. Add/Drops

The following section deals with add/drops during the season

In 2013 the league voted to perform auto add/drops on a first come first serve basis superseding items a through e below. Dropped players will remain on waivers for 3 days and then added to lineups based on the proper waiver claim order in CBS.

a) Waivers will be processed following the completion of the draft at 2AM on Sunday morning. Add/Drop priority will follow the reverse order of the draft but only for the first round of Add/Drops.

b) Sunday morning Waivers are automatically processed each week at 2 AM. Owners are allowed to Add/Drop players on a first come first served basis after the waiver proccess is complete. Add/Drops are allowed until Monday morning at 2 AM.

c) The Add/Drop priority order is based on the reversed order of fantasy points excluding the first Waiver run of the season. The commissioner will not place Added players to a position in order to make an illegal lineup legal. Everyone is required to check their lineups Monday morning for legality and to ensure no injured player is occupying a roster spot for the upcoming week.

d) Monday Add/Drops will only be processed IF a player is injured and needs replacing. The commissioner or league must be notified and an add/drop submitted BEFORE the 1st game on Monday (the time and date will automatically show up in the request box). That player must be “Active” for the week and the injured player non active. Add/Drops will not be performed after the first start of the 1st MLB game on Monday.

e) Add/Drop Waiver Period. All dropped players will remain on waivers until the next Add/Drop period.

  1. Trades

a) Off Season Trades - Off Season trades may be executed at any time during the off season.

b) Canceling Trades - Either team involved in a trade has 2 days to reconsider the trade after it has gone before the league. In that 48 hours the team canceling the trade will need to email the commissioner of their decision.

c) The commissioner can over turn any trade that is NOT in the best interest for either teams involved and the rest of the league. This will only occur for blatant collusion and will be obvious to the commissioner and the rest of the league.

d) The Trading Deadline will be the start of the 3rd week of August, the same time when roosters are expanded by 3 players. All trades must be submitted by Monday which is the beginning of the 3rd week in August scoring period.

  1. Illegal Rosters

a) If a team has an illegal roster on Monday, it is the opponent’s responsibility to notify the commissioner and league. The commissioner will then notify the owner to fix their roster. If the roster isn’t fixed within 48 hrs the offending owner will receive 0 points for the scoring period or have the offending player dropped/moved.

b) Pitchers can be eligible at SP or RP (not both) based on their MLB status for the upcoming week. A RP can only be put into a SP active role if he is scheduled to start in the upcoming week. A SP can only be put into a RP active role if he is scheduled to relieve in the upcoming week. A pitcher, once active as SP or RP, can gain points as both a SP and a RP

  1. Playoffs

The playoffs occur during the 23rd, 24th, and 25th weeks of the season. Playoff seeding is based on the division winners and the next 4 teams who finish highest in total power ranking points, regardless of division.

a) The division winners receive an automatic pass into weeks 24 and 25 and accumulate points for all three scoring periods (23, 24, and 25).

b) The 4 power ranked teams will face off head to head and accumulate points for weeks 23 and 24. The 2 winners will advance to week 25 and continue to accrue points in week 25 and have a shot at a first place finish.

c) The two teams that do not make week 25 will go head to head during week 25 for a 5th place finish. This is single elimination with the winner of this week taking 5th place.

d) For the dominant teams that advance to week 25, fantasy points will accumulate for all 3 scoring periods. The order of finish is based on the total number of points accumulated during all 3 scoring periods. The team with the most points is the National Association Champion.

e) Teams that do not finish in the top 6 can congratulate themselves on securing a top 6 draft spot in the next years draft. Additionally, the commissioner will pair these teams based on power ranking points for single elimination play. 6 will compete in week 23 and 4 teams will advance with the 4th being the loser with highest number of points accumulated during week 23. Two teams will advance from week 24. The winner of the losers is crowned based on week 25 fantasy points. The winner of the losers will also be featured on the home page and congratulated for finishing strong.

f) The following Tie Breaker is used In the event of a tie based on Power Rankings 1) Total Fantasy Points 2) Total Wins-Loss 3) Most Hits

g) The following Tie Breaker is used for a Head to Head Fantasy Points Tie during the Regular Season or Playoffs. 1) Power Ranking Points

  1. Call Ups

The number of reserve players will expand by 3 beginning the third scoring period in August. You can either choose anyone from the free agent list or any player signed with a MLB organization.

Interested. Email: TouchEmAllTime25@gmail.com