Sorry about Trey Lance

God bless all of you Trey Lance owners. If he was your QB1, I hope you have a backup. If not, let this be a lesson to you. Even in one QB leagues, you need to have a backup.

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Let this be a lesson to you: Don’t draft scrub QBs in the first place.

If this was your year to learn, at least there are plenty of solid QBs available on the waiver wire, so in a way this is a good thing for your team, as you won’t have to waste any more time before switching to one of them.

Yeah, that sucks almost as much as the elf’s useless trolling.

I had Lance in 2 leagues. 1 of them SFLEX, which means there is zero replacement on the WW. Even Jimmy G had been drafted and never dropped.

It happens. Okay, I also had Dak in another league, so yeah, I have a feeling this will not become my favorite season ever. But the injury lottery is part of the game. Last year, I won my main dynasty because none of my starters missed any significant time.

In my other dynasty (where I do have Lance), Jaylen Waddle almost saved my week. If I hadn’t played against the Amon-Ra owner, that is. :tired_face:

Still,. the week wasn’t all terrible. 2 W, 2 L and one matchup will be decided tonight.

You know, like Axe Elf’s constant warnings not to draft scrub QBs early. Turned out that was completely useless advice. :roll_eyes:

"lil elfie, I am on the verge of asking the site to ban your BS and I do believe they will listen. You have been given notice. Play at your own risk.

Ignore him. He has proven over and over again that he is a trolling idiot. There’s really no need to call him out over every piece of poisonous bait he is blessing us with.

The forum moderation seem to be fine with having a toxic troll around. So we only have 2 options - we can ignore him, or move on and leave this stage to him. But if you keep replying to him, you are playing his game, by his rules. That’s the worst of all options.

Zak, not in my nature, I will not talk to a mod but the site. I do this for some fun, not aggravation as do we all.


Just be aware that if that happens you’ll be left without the proven winning advice of Axe Elf, and forced to make do with advisors who would have you drop Dobbins for a backup QB, or draft Kyle Pitts in the 3rd round.

You have been given notice.

Ban at your own risk.

Yes the proven winning advice of the elf such as spending your entire FAB budget on Derrick Henry or advising to draft Henry #1 overall. Solid takes so far!

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If you wouldn’t, you don’t know how to play fantasy football, but if you were in a league where Derrick Henry wasn’t drafted (or was dropped by someone), then you don’t know how to play fantasy football either.