Stafford waiver pickup

In a 12 person 1 ppr scoring and drafted Hurts and Fields. Someone dropped Stafford and wondering if I should pick him up in place of one of my drafted QB’s?

I almost don’t know where to start with this one. How does someone draft Hurts and Fields as their QBs??? How does someone DROP Matthew Stafford??? It’s like the league has an 80 IQ maximum or something.

But yeah, you’re the big winner here–another idiot rescues you from your bad drafting.

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Yeah i get it, I got Hurts when computer froze and I couldn’t get back in until too late. I did pick Fields because I have A Robinson with a possible pairing and maybe looking too far ahead for future possibilities. I was initially aiming for Stafford and he went during the “freeze”. Maybe this is a sign to redeem my draft. Thanks for your in site.

At least you have a good excuse, but yeah, redemption is on the horizon…

You have to forgive AxeElf, since he has all the couth of a rabid pitbull. But he is basically right, in spite of himself.

It’s great. I’m okay with my short comings. I’ll take all the advice I can get. No feelings hurt

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Advice can be given without resorting to steamrolling somebody. But trolls gotta troll…

How is it trolling if its the truth.

It’s in the style. If you can’t deliver advice without belittling the other person, that’s trolling. Trolls make everything personal, usually to make them feel better about themselves at someone else’s sacrifice.

This represents the major difference between trolls and Axe Elf, who is only here to educate.

Axe Elf will never attack a person, only an idea or a concept.

Well, maybe people as an abstract group, like, “Must be nice to draft with chimps,” or, “Noobs who would take a TE in the first round”–but there I’m not naming names–I’m clearly mocking a strategy.

Fighting online is kind of like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, no one cares, and you’re still retarded.

So Axe Elf never gets into personal insults or arguments; only educational orations.

By clearly decrying false strategies, fool’s gold players, and errant roster constructions, we all do better.

Carry on…

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Bull. You make things personal when they don’t need to be. Get off your high horse, Napoleon.

I’ve only been here literally five minutes, but I gotta side with edmcgon on this one.

Sure seems like a steamrolling. And the worst part is it’s of someone who is in a forum asking for help.
No matter how much someone refers to themselves in the third person and say they don’t attack people, terms they use, like “idiot” say differently.

It’s kind of sad that someone would need to frequent a forum of people seeking help to feel so superior.

Now I’m sorry I helped you in your other thread, you ungrateful wretch, you…

And parenthetically, I felt superior long before I signed up here a few weeks ago.

But I thought you didn’t do personal attacks?

You thought correctly.

And you just proved his point…

In what sense…?

If you can’t figure it out, then you aren’t as smart as you think you are.

Well, shucky darns…