Trading Kamara away?

Hey fellas, just wondering what I should do with Kamara, yeah he’s been solid last few weeks but I’m worried about him once all the saints receivers are healthy, should I look to move him? And if so who would be a good target. Thanks in advance

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It depends on what you need? If you’re going to need an RB after you trade him, then you don’t trade him.

My rb are Henry Kamara Stevenson Pierce,l

My wr are Jefferson aj brown amon ra Godwin and mike will, I’d just be looking to upgrade at my rb spot

I have no clue as to why you think you can upgrade from a top RB for another top RB. Sounds like you have “Trade Winds Fever.”

Have a dozen or more drinks and get back to me in the morning. :slight_smile:

It’s called packaging Kamara and someone else for a rb….

I think you should just keep Kamara. With the Saints going to start Andy Dalton the rest of the season, Kamara’s value should increase.