Trade: Chubb for Barkley?

Would you guys trade Chubb for Barkley?
I sit way up in my league @ 9-1. I’ve managed to have the luxury of having cook, cmc and Chubb on my roster. Im

sure Chubb will have a great game against the lions this week but moving forward hunt should be back in the picture. Would you think it would be wise to trade for Barkley to be set for the playoff push?

If you don’t mind me asking - what were the other owners doing while you were drafting? :sweat_smile:

The Browns are pretty much the only team that can carry 2 fantasy relevant RBs. I wouldn’t be too concerned about Hunt’s return.

Barkley is a walking injury risk. He does provide a lot of upside, though. I don’t think it’s wrong to make that trade, but it does come with a risk.

I agree with your logic here that Saquon might be the better option down the stretch, and hopefully he gets a heavy workload once he’s 100% back (I drafted Saquon 12th overall and kept him all year)

But it can’t be overlooked that Chubb has put up points even with Hunt active. However adding a healthy D’Ernest to the mix does make their backfield a bit murky (e.g. chance for vultured TDs)…

Given your current record, I like the play for Saquon - pretty sure him and CmC were consensus 1-2 picks last year, so with Cook that’s a pretty insane RB trio for you.

Only thing I would add is that you should try to get a bit more for Chubb, as I think he’s currently valued higher than Saquon. For example if someone offered me Chubb for Saquon I’d do it in a heartbeat… if it was Chubb for Saquon + James Conner/Eli Mitchell/Mike Williams (my flex plays) I would most likely still pull the trigger.

Hope this helps

Hahha I traded for him when he was hurt. The guy that drafted him was winless and was in a win now mode. Traded Aaron jones and mike evans for dj moore and cmc. Moore has been stinking it up thoug as of late :pensive:

Let me be clear: No. No. And NO! The only way I trade Chubb for Barkley is if the other owner throws in Lamar Jackson to the deal. People rave about Saquon’s upside, and ignore Chubb’s: Two weeks ago, he went 14-137-2. Chubb is a brand new Lamborghini, compared to Barkley’s frequently broken down Lambo from the 1990’s. The only reason Chubb missed last week was a silly COVID test (I think it’s past time for the NFL to move on from COVID silliness, as COVID doesn’t present any kind of serious threat to young men in their prime and in great shape).

Right now, Saquon is more of a receiving back than a “running” back. His rushing numbers are only to pad his stats. Granted, he does a lot with those receiving stats, and he does have better value in PPR formats, but that is only IF he stays healthy. The goose egg he gets from being injured, which he is more and more lately, is the main reason to avoid him.

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