Should I trade back from 1.2 rookie draft?

So in a dynasty 10 team league super flex with taxi squad, full point ppr.
RB’s are Conner, Etienne, Edmonds, D. Harris, D.Forman.
Wr’s are Pittman, A. Robinson, St. Brown, R.Woods, N. Collins.
Draft picks for upcoming rookie draft 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.4, 3.3
Taking Breece 1.1.
So here is my question. Obviously need help in WR, so the plan is to take London to shore WR core. I have always liked Olave, I’m wondering if I should consider trading back to 1.4-6 and take Olave + whatever piece I could get as well. Is London to good to pass up? What would you do?

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A very good problem to have.

Honestly, getting Breece with 1.01 and then Kenny Walker with 1.2 makes you formidable. Assuming you start 2 rb’s and a flex, this is the play.

I had thought about that as well, I just felt like my WR’s needed more help as well. Yes we can flex, So you like Walker better than Etienne? or just believe he is the best available?

ETN is a question mark. His skill set reminds me too much of Antonio Gibson, and that didn’t turn out so well. Not to mention James Robinson is still a factor in Jacksonville.

Better to have an extra RB. Even if ETN still turns out good, then you can trade one of your RB’s for help elsewhere. Everybody always needs RB’s.

Thanks Ed, good to hear the perspective.

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