Dynasty - Olave for Pickens/Kmet/Herbert

In a dynasty (keeper) league. I have a solid group of WR but real thin at RB given the offseason contracts (Zeke). This seems like a good trade but wanted some outside advice.

We play 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 W/R/T, 1 W/R/T/QB.

Trade Away:
Chris Olave

Trade Receive:
George Pickens
Cole Kmet
Khalil Herbert

Devonta Smith
Chris Godwin
Stefon Diggs
Brandon Aiyuk
Odell Beckham Jr
Darius Slayton
Allen Lazard

James Conner
Tony Pollard
Ezekiel Elliot
Leonard Fournette
Joshua Kelley (prob drop for Rookie draft)

Dawson Knox
Taysom Hill

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Olave for Pickens is almost even right there, and then you add a functional TE and RB as well?

I would have accepted by now, just in case he comes to his senses and tries to rescind the offer.

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I agree with Axe. Took the words right out of my mouth.

In fact, the person who made this offer makes it look like they’re a Saints or Ohio St. fan.

Bad trade, You give up a potential star and top young WR for a WR 3, a backup TE and a maybe low end RB2.

You should be able to get more and better.

I usually try not to overtly question your sanity, but this goes beyond your typical bad advice.

He has zero depth at RB, unless you count the ghost of Zeke dunking in a TD now and then to be a reliable flex/bye week starter. Khalil Herbert may be a RB2, but that’s a welcome addition to this roster.

Parenthetically, Herbert scored more half-PPR points per game last season than Pacheco, and he wasn’t even starting then.

Likewise, when your TEs are Taysom Hill and Dawson Knox, Cole Kmet is a legitimate upgrade.

So for an up and coming 2nd year WR he gets an up and coming 2nd year WR–and half the offensive production of the Bears this year.

And this clown cries “BAD TRADE!”


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LOL, no idea of what you talk about. Shall we keep this like all the others from last year proving you had blatant blunder after blatant blunder with little ever right?

That’s kind of what the rest of us are thinking right now.

At least you din’t try to double down on your clown advice.

IF you bother to research this further one will find that Olive is ranked #15 overall in dynasty by FP, 14 by CBS and 16 by PFF.

Pickins is #71. Herbert is #98 and Kmet is #130.

I have to think they all agree with me. Then again one who pretends to play does not. You make the choice.

Well that’s just silly, as anyone who axually plays the game would know.

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Yeah, the Big 3 in fantasy who do this for a living are all wrong. LOL

The only thing silly here is you.

The Big 3?

Most fantasy football fans only recognize the Big One:

Axe Elf.

It’s ridiculous that 2nd year WR Pickens would be 71st in dynasty rankings, after being a top 40 WR (WR37 in half-PPR scoring) in his rookie season with a rookie QB.

Olave was only WR25 last year, scoring 10.8 ppg to Pickens’ 8.3. They’re not vastly different, and when he can bolster two other areas of weakness at the same time, it’s a no-brainer.

Ranking have players other than WRs. SMH, such an ass.

ESPN has Pickins at 66 and NFL at 68. That’s 5. Who else you want to argue with?

Anyone who says this isn’t an immediate smash accept trade.

You should definitely come play in my league SoBe. I would enjoy competing against you. :laughing:

Only if you enjoy losing. JK/LOL (well, some)

Seriously, I have no time for anything and am trying to drop out of a league I won last year as much as I want to defend. Sorry

Add me to the “don’t like the trade” faction.

Olave has the potential to be elite. You only trade away those players if you get at least 1 elite player in return. Which you won’t.

Pickens makes highlight reel catches, but doesn’t get a ton of volume. His ceiling is that of a mid-range WR2. More realistically, he’s a WR3/FLEX type.

Kmet is a solid TE, but not elite. Which means he gives you about the same production as if you stream the position.

And Herbert has some upside, but that’s far from guaranteed.

Olave could have been a cornerstone of your team for years to come. You traded him away for a bunch of depth pieces and hopefuls. Which rarely works out in dynasty.

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Based on your hunch? You have no baseline data to go by, other than his rookie season with a rookie QB. And after the Steelers’ bye, from Week 10 onward in his rookie season, Pickens was WR22 in half-PPR scoring. During the same period, Chris Olave was WR38. Yes, Olave played 2 fewer games. But in points per game, Pickens had 9.7 and Olave had 9.6. But Olave is elite and Pickens is a WR3/Flex?

What game are you playing??

It’s that time of the year again, when the fantasy football world looks back on the times it disagreed with Axe Elf in the preseason and goes, “What was I thinking???”

Currently, Khalil Herbert is the RB22 in PPR scoring, Cole Kmet is the TE3, and George Pickens is the WR13.

Chris Olave is the WR29.

I hope you made the trade.

I did make the trade and am content. Bears offense is pitiful but they’re filling the warm bodies I needed. Pickens outperforming Olave including Pickens bye was not something I was not expecting. Dionte Johnson probably helped that significantly.