Dynasty trade, Olave or Waddle

looking for advice. Not much of a trader. Noticed that there are many questions about trading Olave. Anyway, opponent wants my Olave or Waddle and offering L. McConkey, T. Benson, R. Stevenson. I honestly don’t think that is enough. He is willing to trade out Stevenson with Henry or maybe use Kirk or Ladd. I think I am losing too much at WR, I have Ridley, Gallup, Meyers, Marshall, Downs as my other WR’s I feel I am pretty good at RB, I have Mixon, Taylor, Edwards, Dobbins, Allgeiers. Any thoughts. I am I on the right track in my thinking. Thanks

I keep Olave and Waddle as an easy choice. You have Ridley who should be good this year but is old and little else.

At RB you have Taylor an old Mixon who should be good for this year and back ups.

Getting McConkey and Stevenson for Olave is an even trade. That you’re getting Benson, too, is pure gravy. Take the deal.

Stevenson missed 6 games last year and the same in 21. Pats got Gibson as a receiving back and they are a very bad team who will be playing from behind often.

McConkey has talent but never played a snap and is on a very heavy run team.

I like Benson but he is a sub until at least next year.

How is that even with a young #10 WR in fantasy?

If you prefer analyst’s dynasty overall ranks, Stevenson is 62, Benson is 75 and McConkey is 88.
Vs Olave at #16.