SFLEX Dynasty: Ekeler + Trubisky for Javonte

In my half-PPR Superflex Dynasty league, I plan to make this trade offer:

Austin Ekeler
Mitchell Trubisky

Javonte Williams

What are your thoughts?

The other team is very QB needy. They only have Tom Brady (and can count their blessings that he will come back for another season). Trubisky just signed with the Steelers and should claim the starting job there. I don’t see him any higher than a middling QB2, which means I don’t really need him, as I am lucky enough to have both Mahomes and Herbert.

Who is your bye week QB? Also, who fills in if Mahomes or Herbert get hurt?

More importantly, what do your RB’s look like?

Don’t really have one. My “backup” QBs are Gardner Minshew and Jordan Love.

In 2021 week 7 (Herbert’s bye), I streamed Case Keenum, who gave me 14.65 FFP (which was much better than Mahomes’ 8.8 that week :sweat_smile: ), and in week 12 (Mahomes’ bye), I streamed Andy Dalton for 19.95 FFP.

Also started Minshew over Mahomes in week 13, which turned out to be a good call (20.2 vs. 14.4 FFP).

No QB. My current FLEX candidates are Josh Jacobs, Michael Carter, Amari Cooper, Gabriel Davis and D.J. Chark. One of them would have to fill in on SFLEX if one of my QBs were to miss time.

I’m not a huge fan of stashing a 3rd QB. If it’s a low-end QB2 (or worse), they won’t give you a lot more production than a solid RB2 or WR2. And if it’s a mid to high range QB2, I’d rather turn his fantasy value into an RB or WR whom I’d start every week.

Austin Ekeler, Damien Harris, Josh Jacobs, Michael Carter, Sony Michel.

I do expect Ekeler to play 1-2 more strong seasons. He is more WR than RB, plus his early career usage wasn’t that high. So he will last a little longer than your average RB.

Still, I have to think about a replacement. And he’ll never have more fantasy value than he does right now.

I also hold the 1.01, thanks to a mid-season trade that turned out very much in my favor. So I could go after Breece Hall, provided he’ll find a good landing spot. But I’d prefer to trade the 1.01 away to the most struggling team in our league, to help the owner with the rebuild. Much as I want my team to remain strong, but as a commish, I also have to worry about keeping the league balanced.

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I don’t disagree. My 3rd QB’s are rarely worthy. The only time they become really useful is when one of my first 2 get hurt.

With Hall added to what you have, nearly anyone is expendable.

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Imagine having Hall and Javonte…

But as tempting as it is, I still lean towards trading the 1.01 away to the most struggling team. The defending champion should not hold the 1.01, even if it was gained in a fair mid-season trade. In week 9, I had traded Myles Gaskin to a playoff candidate who had some injury woes on RB. Deal was Gaskin + a 2nd (not my own) for his 1st.

At the time of the trade, the expecation was that the 2nd would be in the 2.01-2.04 range, and his 1st in the 1.07-1.10 range. At the end of the day, he barely missed the playoffs, but easily won the toilet bowl. Whereas the team whose 2nd I had traded away got eliminated in the first playoff round.

So the final trade was Gaskin + the 2.05 for the 1.01. Could also have been Gaskin + the 2.01 for the 1.10. And the trade took place well before Gaskin was reduced to fantasy dust.

Anyway, I’ll wait for the NFL draft, and then probably trade the 1.01 to the weakest team for their 2023 1st and a 2024 2nd. That’s not a great trade for me, but it will help them with their rebuild. And I might need the extra first in 2023 more than I need it now.

As I said, as a commish, you also have to try and keep the league in balance. If the owner of a struggling team loses interest, it can easily become a major problem for the entire league.

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How does somebody barely miss the playoffs and end up with the worst record in the league? That is one tight league!

Our league awards the 1.01 to the toilet bowl winner, i.e. the winner of the consolation playoff bracket.

There are discussions to change that, but so far, the majority of owners still prefers to keep it that way.

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Admittedly, it does avoid the problem of teams tanking at the end.

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Not entirely, to be perfectly honest.

And it makes turnarounds pretty difficult, as the weakest team has no chance to get the 1.01. That’s why I want to trade them my 1.01m. The current owner took over 2 years ago, from a guy who had no idea what he was doing, and left the team in a pretty weak state. Add some bad luck (QB1 is Deshaun Watson, RB1 was Saquon Barkley), and the current owner finds himself in a pretty desolate situation, without having made any screaming mistakes himself.

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Watson is not a bad QB to have, even if it killed him last year.