Help with a dynasty trade. Which side do you like?

Hey guys…would like an opinion…dynasty non superflex ppr. What side do you like?

The team with Kupp/Ekeler is 1-6. No 1st.

The other side is 3-4 and could contend. No first or second



Akers/Higgins/Jeudy/Edmonds and a 3,4,4,5,6,7 picks next year

Thank you

Ekeler and Kupp for garbage in a PPR league? No thank you. In dynasty, 3rd round picks are lottery tickets, and 4th round is worse. For Ekeler and Kupp, I’d expect no less than a first round pick plus a young stud (Jeudy is close).

I have Ekeler myself. And yes, he’s awesome this year. But that’s also because he is getting a pretty heavy workload. 15-20 combined touches per game, 100+ combined yards - the question is how long he will be able to sustain that.

I won’t sell him, as I am in win-now mode. If I wasn’t, I’d consider trading him. He’ll be 27 next year. If you want to get anything for him, you have to trade him away before the next big injury hits. Or before the Chargers spend an early draft pick on a top rookie RB.

BUT - the offer is much too low. Akers is an interesting prospect, but not a sure lock for next year. Higgins is struggling heavily and will play second fiddle to Chase for years to come. Jeudy is interesting, but we don’t know who is future QB will be. And Edmonds is no more than an RB3/Flex player in fantasy.

Trading Ekeler away for that - maybe.

Adding Kupp to the mix? No way! Check the market for Ekeler only and see what you can get. Unfortunately, he’s notoriously unpopular among fantasy managers, so it’s not easy to trade him away.

But don’t trade Kupp away. And as a general statement, never trade studs away for several mediocre players. Even if the trade values add up, you’ll always make a bad deal. 3 players with a trade value of 20 each will never replace 1 RB with a trade value of 60.

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