2023 Dynasty Off-Season Trade

Who wins this deal in Two QB Dynasty PPR league.

Team A Gets:
Lamar Jackson
Justin Jefferson

Team B Gets:
Pat Mahomes
Austin Eck

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That’s a fairly even swap. I could sit on either end of that trade and be happy with it.

Tough one.

Lamar isn’t a huge downgrade on Mahomes, thanks to his rushing upside. But his health concerns me. Rushing QBs don’t last long, and while Lamar is only 25, he’s already been injured a lot. Missed 10 games in the last 2 seasons.

JJ is one of the top 5 non-QB dynasty assets. A player I’d try to get everywhere I can.

Mahomes is the best QB of his generation, and in SFLEX leagues, the top dynasty asset.

Ekeler was the best fantasy RB over the last 2 seasons. He’s getting closer to the age cliff, though. He may have another good season ahead of him, but I don’t see his value rising any higher. Problem is, despite his absolute elite performance, most fantasy managers still undervalue him, as he’s somehow not considered one of the “big names” due to his UDFA heritage.

Team A gets the best WR and a great, but risky QB.
Team B gets the best QB and a great, but risky RB.

It’s one of these trades you can make if it fits your roster strategy. Team A can make the trade if they have 2 other startable QBs and can afford to lose an RB. Team B can make the trade if they are short-stacked on RB.


I would take Mahomes and Ekeler. JJ is as good as it gets but I have no faith in Jackson, his health, surrounding O and upcoming FA.

Mahomes and Ekeler are at the top of their positions and expect they will be again in 2023.

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While I agree with your points, if you need a WR, and can afford to trade away Mahomes, this trade works. Jackson has issues, no doubt. But JJ is a rock steady elite WR. He will be top 5, if not top 1, next year. This is dynasty PPR too, so getting JJ is pretty close to a slam dunk.

Really, this is a Mahomes for JJ trade. Depending on needs, this can work for both teams.

It is a fair trade. However, for me Mahomes, JJ and Ekeler are all as good as it gets and then there is jackson. JMO

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Even for a receiving-based RB, I still worry about Ekeler’s age. I’m not saying he’s done next year, or even the year after that. But 3 years from now? He’ll be 30, with a lot of miles on those tires. I can’t see him leading the Chargers then.

And who among us would not take a top 5 RB for a year or two because he will not be that in 3 years? No One I know.

If you already have two top 5 RB’s, and need a good WR, then yes, you would give him up to get a top WR. Especially in PPR dynasty, where an elite young WR is worth more.

In dynasty? Me!

An RB who was top 5 for the last 2 years won’t necessarily be a top 5 RB next year. High-volume RBs wear down quickly. Now, Ekeler may have a slightly better chance to pull it off, as he’s a WR as much as an RB. Still, his injury risk is increasing with every year.

And that is the big difference between dynasty and redraft or keeper formats, where I have to exchange at least half of my roster every season anyway.

In non-dynasty formats, if you pick an older RB like Henry or Ekeler, and the age cliff hits that season, you lost fantasy value for that season.

In dynasty, you lost fantasy value for years to come.

Right now, you will still get value in return if you trade players like Henry or Ekeler away. A solid pick, that you can turn into a rookie RB, or a young player who may still have a breakout. Stuff you can turn into new long-term value, if things go your way.

But one major injury, and you can flat out cut them. If Henry tears his ACL, nobody will give you even a late round pick for him anymore.

And in dynasty, you cannot just draft a new top RB the next year. Because you need a top pick for that, and if the rest of your roster is still solid, your team may be to good for that.

That’s how you maneuver into a situation where you may have to do a full roster rebuild. Sell off your remaining assets, load up on draft picks, prepare for a season with a 4-10 record or worse, then retool your team in the next draft with young players who can carry it for the next 3-4 years.

Such a rebuild usually takes 2 years. 3, if some of your new talents bust out.

And that’s the huge difference between redraft formats and dynasty. In redraft, investing in a player who then falls off the age cliff will cost you 1 season at worst. Chances are, you may even be able to salvage that season.

In dynasty, a “who cares if he’s 28” attitude can cost you up to 3 seasons. You may still have to take that risk every now and then, if you want to reach for the title. But you need to be aware of the risk.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I would be the team sending JJ and Lamar for Pat and Austin Eck.

After reading replies it’d make sense to do it right?

My current RBs are:
Lenny Fournette
Zeke Elliot
Isaiah Pacheco
Kareem Hunt
Khalil Herbert

My WRs are:
Justin Jefferson
Tyreek Hill
Mike Evans
Rashod Bateman
Darnell Mooney
Elijah Moore

Danny Dimes
Aaron Rodgers
Ryan Tannehill



I like the trade from your perspective. Although adding Ekeler doesn’t fix the issue of your RB’s getting long in the tooth. You need to get some RB’s in your upcoming drafts.

I’d still say it’s a can-do trade, but not a must-do one.

You get an upgrade on QB, create a hole on WR, and improve your backfield for max. 1 season.

Looking at your current roster:

Fournette, Zeke and Hunt are past their prime, to a point where they might not even be startable in 2023 anymore.

Pacheco and Herbert are young and have some potential. Unless their teams draft a high-profile rookie this year.

Tyreek and Evans are also getting closer to the age cliff. I’m not too concerned about them for 2023, but certainly for the years beyond. Especially Evans, whose contract expires in 2024.

And you have no young guns behind them that scream “breakout potential”. Elijah Moore is talented, but suffers from a murky team situation. And Mooney could benefit from the bears trending up, but I suspect they may invest in a top rookie WR shortly.

Don’t get me wrong, your team looks good. My only concern is that you may face a bigger rebuild after the 2023 season. And that won’t get easier with this trade. But the trade also doesn’t make it worse.

The trade is okay. I’d love getting Mahomes. I’d hate losing JJ. But that’s life - you’ll not get elite assets for trading away bench fillers.

If you add 1-2 high-potential WRs in this draft, and then maybe trade up to reach for a good RB in 2024, you should be fine.

Good luck!

Clint, After seeing your roster the trade just got better for you in my view. You got next to nothing for future but, should be able to make a run now, which having Ekeler will increase chances of happening.

IF you fall out of playoff contention I would have a fire sale and rebuild.