SF league. Lamar is my QB1 but who should be my QB2?

I have Matt Ryan and Mac Jones but neither is awe inspiring and I’m debating dropping one to add Wilson for his pending return. Wilson hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire but seeing the #s Flacco can put up with the bevy up weapons has me thinking he would have a much higher ceiling than Ryan, who just took peed all over himself in my lineup last week.

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I like your thinking. Go for it.

Idk how excited I am to start Mac Jones in the meantime and part of me feels like bailing on Ryan too early after last week W/O so many of his weapons may bite me but we have a roster limit of 3 and right now I’d be more comfortable starting Jones weekly over Ryan. Really hoping I don’t regret this…

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Risky move. The Jets’ front office is split about Zach Wilson being their QB of the future, and Flacco has been playing well enough that they may not hurry Wilson back into the lineup… possibly for the rest of the season.

Ryan has Pittman back and they’re playing the Chiefs this week. If Ryan doesn’t put up some numbers in Week 3, he never will, but I think I would give him that chance–especially if the option is picking up Zach Wilson.

My main worry is that Ryan plays bad again and Flacco stinks and someone grabs Wilson before me. Maybe it’s an overreaction but Ryan looked bad week 1 too.

If you make the move, I’d drop Mac Jones for Zach Wilson. Matt Ryan still has a realistic chance to improve. Mac Jones OTOH will not become a fantasy darling any time soon.

But the move is not without risk. You don’t know when Wilson will return. And how good he will be. Worst case, the Jets will take their sweet time to return Wilson, and Ryan will continue to stink. And even if you drop Ryan, then your team QB2 could still be a fantasy QB3.

Mac Jones as a QB is one of the best young QB’s in the NFL. That said, he also has one of the WORST supporting casts, outside of his RB’s. The WR corps in New England is a joke, and this dates back several years to when Brady was there. A great QB can only do so much with the losing WR’s Belichick likes to employ. In a dynasty league, I would love to stash Jones, but he is very limited in redraft.

That said, now let’s move on and look at the Jets. Anyone remember Joe Flacco in the last few years? He was pretty worthless. Suddenly, he is having a renaissance, looking better than even his best years in Baltimore. What gives? This is easy: The Jets are an offensive Ferrari, and somebody just handed him the keys. Flacco isn’t a great QB, but he is good enough to know how to drive a great offense. When Zach Wilson gets back, I think he might surprise a lot of people, since Wilson has a lot more raw talent than Flacco at this point in their careers.

Could Wilson faceplant? Sure, it’s possible. But remember his last 6 games last season: He threw 5 td’s and only 1 pick, while rushing for another 3 td’s. He showed improvement. Now, he has a more mature Elijah Moore plus the young stud Garrett Wilson, plus a solid running game to support him. It is well worth gambling on Wilson, as this team might lift him more than the other way around.

5 TDs in 6 games as his best stretch of the year doesn’t send me scurrying to the waiver wire.

Lucky for me I traded Jones and my K for Bass and picked up Wilson! The day before Mac got injured.


Dodged a bullet there. :sweat_smile:

Zach Wilson’s first game will be very interesting to watch this Sunday. So far, the Jets have the highest passing volume in the entire NFL 10 more than the Cardinals, 21 more than the Bills.

I am absolutely not ready to believe that Wilson will attempt 50+ passes per game, though. That would be an increase of 80% compared to 2021. But I did expect him to improve, and maybe he will surprise us all.

Maybe you’ll rage-drop him in 2 weeks. Or maybe you made the steal of the season there.

At worst I can keep starting Ryan as my QB2 but Wilson has some big upside. I think it was well worth the gamble!