Zay jones/D.Peoples-Jones/Van Jefferson PPR

How would you rate these WRs in order, for pickup off waivers full ppr moving on??

Zay Jones/D.Peoples-Jones/Van Jefferson

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The first thing to say about all three of these WR’s is they suffer from low floors. Whoever you pick could disappear some weeks, and they should only be used as WR3’s or bye week/injury fill-ins.

In order:

  1. Zay Jones: He is in the proper position as a WR2 on the Jags. He probably has the most upside of the three, but he will also disappear too often.

  2. DPJ: Same kind of situation as Zay Jones, but he brings a few more question marks, specifically how good will Deshaun Watson be after a 2 year layoff? Also, will the Browns rely on their passing game more with Watson, or will they continue to be a run-first team? Even if DPJ benefits from the best case scenario, I’m not sure he will put up better upside than Zay Jones.

  3. Van Jefferson: On the plus side, Van is now the WR1 for the Rams. But that’s also the downside: Van is no Kupp. Van won’t even begin to sniff Kupp’s upside, and has actually been somewhat of a disappointment. He will have to improve in his new role for me to even consider him above Jones and DPJ.

Thanks for the suggestions…Currently I have C lamb, Pittman, Pickens and T. Burks…so I am looking for a legit WR2 with WR1 upside based on their upcoming schedule…I am tempted to pick DPJ but still not sure…I suppose I need to look at offenses with probable passing situations??

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No matter how hard you look it comes down to IF you believe Watson will be the better throwing QB over Lawrence. And we roll the dice.

Your WR’s are currently solid, so this is more of a “break glass in case of emergency” plan. If you don’t have to start these guys, all the better.

Ok…I do have a bench spot…so its gonna be either Zay or D Peoples Jones…

I know that you have to know the potential of Watson throwing deep to Peoples.
I rest my case.

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You also know the potential of Watson handing off to Nick Chubb 30 times.

DPJ has more upside, and that’s what you are looking for with a bench stash. Chances are, you won’t start neither Jones nor DPJ. But if DPJ and Deshaun Watson quickly develop a connection, this could change.

For Zay Jones, I’m not seeing a scenario that would turn him into a safe start.

With Zay Jones, it could be the Travis Etienne injury which opened up opportunities in week 12…but that is just a guess.

With Etienne out the D took a player out of the box and focused cover on Kirk making Jones the preference. Don’t see that happening again.

After purging my roster by trading 4 WRs for picks and deciding on my 8 keepers, I picked up DPL to bring some confusion back. I believe he will in a week or two.