ROS Jameson Williams or Wan'dale Robinson? .5ppr

Current WR: AJBrown, Mike Williams, Diontae Johnson, Drake London

Either available now as FA. Would drop Matthew Stafforrd

((Available next week via Waiver wire: Darnell Mooney, Garrett Wilson)

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Jameson Williams is still a shot in the dark, as we don’t know how good he can be, or how he will fit into Detroit’s offense. Granted, he has a stud pedigree, but that doesn’t mean anything until he hits the field.

Robinson is a similar case, although he had a good day today. But can you trust a Daniel Jones target? I wouldn’t. Same with Darnell Mooney and that awful Bears offense.

Garrett Wilson is the one who intrigues me here. We saw what his ceiling was earlier this season, but he has been showing a lot more floor with Zach Wilson back, as the Jets concentrate on running the ball. At some point, defenses will start to concentrate on stopping the run, and both Wilsons will have to do something.

I like Jameson on talent alone. He was to be the top WR drafted before injury and will be back is a couple of weeks.

Wilson is a top talent but getting no play now in NY, same as Eli Moore.

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This has to change. If Zach Wilson can’t take advantage of the talent there, don’t be surprised to see Flacco under center before the end of the season.

From a fantasy POV, this would be the best that could happen for owners of any Jets WR.

Right now, the Jets look exactly as I projected them before the season: low passing volume, but a ton of different receivers. Pure fantasy poison.

I think they will give Zach Wilson more time, though, and I don’t even blame them. QBs with 1st round draft capital usually get 2-3 seasons to prove themselves. And Jalen Hurts just shows us that this can be the right thing to do. His passing was abysmal in his rookie season, and hardly any better in year 2. This year, however, he’s getting the job done. His passing still isn’t outstanding by any means, but solid enough to lead the team from W to W.

As for Jameson Williams vs Wan’dale Robinson - I’d lean towards Wan’dale here, but it’s a gamble. Williams is the better WR, no questions asked. But he’s coming off a pretty nasty injury, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions will keep him on a strict snap count. Next year, he’ll be a hot commodity, but this year, Robinson could see more action, especially if the injury woes on WR continue for the Giants.

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I would take Williams. Robinson is more of a gadget player imo. Williams would of been the top WR in the 2022 NFL draft if not for the ACL. Detriot will be in high scoring games because of their poor defence.

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All good responses. I ended going for Wiliams. Agree that next year he will have a lot of buzz. Hoping he can do something this year!
Wan’dale and Wilson got picked up by other teams.
Time will tell what the best decision would have been.


We will both hopefully good things from Williams starting week 9 when he is back.