Rest of Season - Sutton or Corey Davis

Who would you rather have Rest of Season?

Davis. Aside from the fact he is a better WR, he is also the Jets alpha, and the Jets will be in a lot of pass heavy game scripts because of their awful defense.

The pass-heaviest game script will be of little help to your WR when his QB throws more balls to the opponent than to his own team mates. Which is the reason the Jets are facing so many pass heavy game scripts to begin with.

I’d lean towards Sutton. Teddy B looks rock solid. As predicted, the Broncos got an upgrade on QB when they gave him the nod over Drew Lock.

If you absolutely want to invest in the Jets, get Michael Carter. He’s taking over the backfield, and he will be involved in the passing game as well. Zach Wilson’s leash will grow shorter, and so will his ADOT. That’s good for backfield and slot receivers. Even Berrios is an option, as long as Crowder is out.

Davis is a fine WR, don’t get me wrong. But as long as Wilson plays like a poor man’s 2019 Jameis Winston, Davis remains a volatile TD dependent option with limited upside.

It’s still too early to go against Davis. The only team to shut him down was New England, and Belichik specializes in shutting down opponent’s alpha receivers.

Against Carolina, also not a bad defense, Davis went off with 97 yards and 2 td’s. It’s hard to walk away from that kind of upside.

Also, you have to remember Wilson is playing behind a porous o-line. While I agree with you on Carter (I have him in both my leagues), the Jets will remain patient with Wilson, because what is option B? Mike White? White was drafted in the 5th round in 2018, and has played fewer games than Wilson. It is Wilson or bust. There is no leash this year.