Need help with waiver wire

Half PPR League . Won again this week and 3-1 for the season . So need to make right waiver wire pick up . I am not sure if dropping some one makes sense also or not .

We start one QB, two RB, two WR , one TE , one flex

My team :

Prescott and Wentz as my QB. Two weeks in a row he has killed me and time to drop him for either Bridgwater who is plays jets or other options include Wilson , Geno Smith , Ryan, Rush, but rush plays at rams

RB : Swift , J Williams , Dillon, Stevenson
WR : J Jefferson, Lamb, D Moore, Doubs, G Wilson
TE: Pitts
Dropping G Wilson makes most sense as too many mouths to feed in jets and then it’s Jets offence . D Moore maybe traded or a AB change so have to hold on to him . Maybe just keep all and don’t do any waiver claims this week

I was thinking of picking up either a RB or a TE . Though options are not that great at either position

RBs available : Boone, R white , C Huntley , B Robinson , L Murray .
TEs Available : H Hurst, M Allie cox, Dissly

I was thinking of picking Bridgewater for sure
Maybe Robinson or R White . Or Hurst
Or don’t pick up anyone . Is G Wilson worth dropping or drop some one else for these .

what’s your guys suggestions , please suggest

Thanks and good luck all

Leave well enough alone. This is a bad week, talent wise, to make changes.

If it ain’t broke… fix it?

Drop Wentz, add Geno Smith. Yes, Bridgewater’s matchup looks better, but Geno looked really good all season long, as his schedule the next few weeks looks solid. At this point, I wouldn’t bet on Dak being a lot better once he returns.

Unless this is a keeper league, drop Javonte. Even if it feels bad, but his season is over.

The 5 RBs you mentioned all look intriguing. But we don’t know who of them will play out. I would go with Brian Robinson, but that’s no more than a gut feeling.

I wouldn’t blame you for dropping Garrett Wilson, though personally I would give him 1-2 more weeks. But I said during the offseason already that the Jets had way too many pass catchers. In the first 3 weeks, this was camouflaged by Flacco’s insane passing volume. But now that Zach Wilson is back, the number of targets dropped, as expected, but the number of pass catchers remains.

Unless Garrett can establish himself as Zach’s clear #1 target, he will be droppable in redraft leagues.

But I would not drop him for any of the 3 TEs right now. Hurst and Dissly are extremely TD dependent, as they don’t see more than 4-5 targets per game. Without a TD, that isn’t enough.

And the Colts play a complete TE lottery. One week it’s Granson, then it’s Woods, then Alie-Cox. Betting on their TEs means chasing last week’s production, and that’s never a good strategy in fantasy football.

If you absolutely want to add one, take Dissly, as he seems to have the highest TD upside.

Good luck!

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Thanks so much for your in-depth answer . Well it’s not a keeper league and sorry for not mentioning but it’s Jamal Williams so cannot drop him . You are right about jets pass backs and in end it makes sense to pick up B Robinson for G Wilson as cannot drop any one else . Regarding the QB you are right and G Smith makes most sense . His match up this week is tougher against saints so maybe I can pick him next week and this week stream bridgewater . I don’t think any one is picking qbs in my league as they all stacked or happy and bye weeks few weeks away .

Thanks again man

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First mistake: Assuming you have to make a waiver wire move. You don’t. sometimes the best move is none at all.

Looking at the QB’s you mentioned:

Wentz: QB9
Geno Smith: QB10
Ryan: QB20
Rush: QB28 (only 4 games)
Wilson: QB34 (only one game)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Wilson finished as the QB11 last week, his only week of play. Wilson has some serious upside in that Jets offense. With Prescott as your other QB, Wilson might be worth the gamble on your bench.

Disagree. Wilson is just blooming as the Jets alpha WR. Don’t get rid of him yet. In fact, all your WR’s are solid.

Honestly, other than QB, I don’t see any other moves you need to make.