The 2023 QB Situation for all 32 NFL Teams

I put this in Dynasty, as this kind of information is more relevant in that format at this time of the year.

Let’s take a quick look at the QB situation for all 32 teams, and which way they could go in 2023.


Buffalo Bills
This one is easy: Josh Allen is signed through 2028, with the earliest out being after the 2025 season. Nothing to see here, moving on.

Miami Dolphins
It still doesn’t seem they are 100% convinced of Tua Tagovailoa. Plus, the multiple concussions he picked up this year are a major concern. I expect Tua to remain their QB, but they may also sign the best backup QB available for the 2023 season.

New England Patriots
Will it be Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe in 2023? Only time will tell, but Jones has zero job guarantee right now.

New York Jets
This one is intriguing. Zach Wilson has to be toast. But right now, the Jets have no other QB signed beyond this season. They basically have 3 options: re-sign Mike White and let him start, sign a high-profile free agent, or trade up from their mid-round 2023 1st and chase another top rookie QB.


Baltimore Ravens
Did you remember that Lamar Jackson is a free agent after this season? The Ravens had offered him $250m for 5 years prior to the season, and he declined. Will they really offer him more after yet another injury-plagued season? Will they try to franchise-tag him? Or will they indeed move on, re-sign Tyler Huntley (RFA) and draft a mid-range QB to develop? There’s some drama in the air here.

Cincinnati Bengals
Joe Burrow is 100% safe, signed through 2024, and will get a long-term contract latest after the 2023 season.

Cleveland Browns
The Browns are all-in on Deshaun Watson and have no option to end his contract prematurely. I don’t expect them to keep Jacoby Brissett around, as that would cost them quite a bit.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Kenny Pickett will get the full year to prove himself. Trubisky is also signed through 2023, though the Steelers could save $8m against the cap by cutting him loose.


Houston Texans
Davis Mills is toast. The Texans will spend their early 2023 1st (likely the 1.01) on a high-profile rookie QB.

Indianapolis Colts
The Colts will hopefully finally have learned that playing QB musical chairs won’t get them anywhere and spend their early 2023 1st (likely a top 5 one) on a high-profile rookie QB.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Trevor Lawrence is still not quite playing on the level people expected him to, but certainly showed great progress in 2022. He’s safe.

Tennessee Titans
They will probably give Malik Willis a chance. Tannehill is signed through 2023, but the Titans can save $18m against the cap by moving on from him, which they will.


Denver Broncos
“We believe we can fix Russell Wilson”, their GM said today. I have my doubts, but they hardly have any other chance than trying. They will probably invest in a QB development project in round 3, though.

Kansas City Chiefs
Patrick Mahomes is signed through… forever. Next.

Las Vegas Raiders
Carr is signed through 2025, but the Raiders could save a lot of money by moving on from him. I don’t see them doing that, though. Their draft position (around 10) won’t be good enough for a high-profile rookie QB, and trading up or signing a high-profile free agent would cost them dearly. Carr may be safe for another year, albeit not 100% safe. And the Raiders may draft a development project.

UPDATE (12/29): The Raiders benched Carr, and it now looks likely that they will indeed move on from him. They will probably sign a high-profile free agent this offseason, and draft a development project in the second round or later.

Los Angeles Chargers
Justin Herbert is safe, but may want a new contract sooner rather than later. He’s currently signed through 2023, with a 5th year option for 2024.


Dallas Cowboys
Prescott is safe, despite his concerning injury history. I can see him demanding a contract extension, though, as the Cowboys could move on from him after the 2023 season.

New York Giants
Now, here is an interesting situation. The Giants rejected the 5th year option for Daniel Jones, so he will be a free agent after the season. And they will probably want to use their franchise tag on Saquon Barkley. Tyrod Taylor is signed through 2023, but they certainly don’t want to start him. Their draft position isn’t good enough for a top rookie QB. And their cap situation is below league average, so they can’t go on a spending spree, either. I’d expect them to try and re-sign Daniel Jones, but this is definitely a situation to watch. Don’t be shocked if Daniel Jones ends up in Carolina.

Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts finally broke out and will be safe for the foreseeable future. Gardner Minshew will be a free agent and probably explore his chances to find a starting job somewhere else.

Washington Commanders
It will cost the Commanders $27m to keep Wentz, and nothing to cut him. That should be an easy decision. Taylor Heinicke will be a free agent, but I do expect the Commanders to bring him back. If he will be the starter, or if they will give Sam Howell a chance, or even bring in another free agent, remains to be seen. I don’t see them drafting a rookie QB, though.


Chicago Bears
Justin Fields broke out big time this year. They will bolster the o-line and give him a new weapon or two, but I cannot see them doing anything on QB.

Detroit Lions
Keeping Jared Goff would cost them $30m, cutting him $10m. Will they spend those $20m on him? Probably yes. I could also see Goff agreeing to a restructured contract. The Lions may want to draft a development project, though. In 2024, they could even save $25m by cutting Goff loose.

Green Bay Packers
Will Aaron Rodgers come back for yet another season? Will the Packers move on to Jordan Love, who’s entering the final year of his rookie contract already (with the Packers holding a 5th year option, though). Or will the 2023 Packers present the biggest QB surprise of the league to us? This Cheesehead would love to know. Alas, he doesn’t. Gut says, Rodgers will come back. It’s a weak gut feeling, though.

Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings cannot cut Cousins. And why would they want to? Cousins’ contract expires after 2023, though, so the king of strategic contract extensions may want to push for yet another one. There is a certain chance for drama here, as Cousins is in an excellent position to negotiate.


Atlanta Falcons
They will probably give Desmond Ridder a chance. Marcus Mariota will be gone, as the Falcons save $12m against the cap by cutting him. The question is who they will bring in as a veteran. They will have some cap space in 2023, and how much of it they will spend on the QB position will tell us how much they believe in Ridder.

Carolina Panthers
What a mess. Sam Darnold will be a UFA, P.J. Walker an RFA. And they still have Matt Corral, who spent his rookie year red-shirted. They have a top 10 draft spot, and could trade up a few spots to get a top rookie QB. They have the second-most cap space for 2023 at this point. Who knows what David Tepper’s real-life fantasy football plans for 2023 are. I will not make a prediction here. Time will tell.

New Orleans Saints
Jameis Winston was one of the biggest busts of the season. He’s signed through 2023, and while the Saints won’t save a lot by cutting him, I still don’t see why they would want to keep him. Or will they? Andy Dalton will be a UFA. They don’t have a 2023 1st. They are dead last in terms of cap space. It’s not difficult to understand why Sean Payton abandoned ship last year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
He may still be the GOAT, but Tom Brady is an ageless wonder no longer. He won’t return next year, but still cost the Bucs $35m in dead cap. The only QB they have is Kyle Trask, who makes for a speculative roster stash this offseason, as it’s difficult to see who else the Bucs want to pull out of the top hat.

Note how all 4 NFC South teams project to struggle mightily on the QB position in the foreseeable future.


Arizona Cardinals
Looks like it was a mistake to give Kyler Murray the big contract extension. But now they are married to him, for better or worse. Probably worse, but he’s still safe.

Los Angeles Rams
I expect Matt Stafford to retire. Baker Mayfield is playing for a new contract right now, as he’ll be a UFA and the Rams have nobody else. The Rams don’t have a lot of cap space, and no 1st for next year. Rumor has it that Sean McVay will pull a Sean Payton and abandon ship after this season. Could we blame him?

San Francisco 49ers
This one will be interesting. Draft capital means little to Kyle Shanahan, so this could be an open competition between Trey Lance and Brock Purdy. Jimmy Garoppolo will be gone, though. Unless… this is the Niners. You never know with the Niners.

Seattle Seahawks
It looks like the Seahawks found their QB for the future in Geno Smith. Alas, his contract runs out, so this is still a team to watch. The Seahawks hold the Broncos’ 2023 1st, which will be a very early one. I wouldn’t be shocked if they spent it on a high-profile rookie QB. So Geno owners should keep in mind that, good as he was in 2022, he doesn’t have a guaranteed starter job in 2023.

That was it. Hope you know what to do now. (If you do, let me know :sweat_smile:)


To me, a lot of the Patriots problems come down to their use of a defensive coach as offensive coordinator. Jones looked great last year with Josh McDaniels as his OC, and suddenly he is struggling with Matt Patricia? Let’s connect the dots. Also, their WR’s are about as lame a WR corps as any in the NFL.

That said, who knows how long before Jones becomes a good QB again. He might make a good dynasty stash at this point.

I would have traded Jackson for the bevy of picks/players he would have brought BEFORE this year’s trade deadline. If he stays in Baltimore, he isn’t the same QB he was a few years ago, and that is mainly because they use him like an RB, but he isn’t built like one (6’2", 212 lbs.) At 25, his number of useful years left is melting away, and he still hasn’t become the passer he was in 2019, and even then his passing stats were padded by his td’s, while his yards were pedestrian (36 td’s, 3127 yards).

At this point, I am still waiting for the real Deshaun Watson to show up. If he tanks in Cleveland, while Baker Mayfield continues to play some good football in LA, I think the truth about Cleveland will be exposed: Their passing game sucks.

I would avoid Watson. Let somebody else play this risk.

I still like the kid. He has wonderful mechanics. Don’t be surprised if you see him have a Ryan Fitzpatrick-like resurgence at some point in the future, somewhere else.

If the Jags could make an AJ Brown-like move in the offseason, don’t be surprised if Lawrence becomes the next Josh Brown/Jalen Hurts. They just need a solid alpha WR.

As a Willis owner in one dynasty league, allow me to say:

As a Raider fan, I hear the rumblings growing louder. And even I will admit, his game in Pittsburgh was a pants-drop in midfield. That said, Josh McDaniels has to shoulder most of the blame for most of the losses, and one bad game from Carr doesn’t relieve McDaniels. Also, what do the Raiders do with Davante Adams if they toss out Carr? Adams will not be a happy camper.

If they hang onto McDaniels in 2023, I don’t see any reason not to hang onto Carr as well. They both should be arranging the deck chairs on this Titanic…

Not so fast, cowboy. The Cowboy Nation is starting to become discontented with Prescott’s game-killing mistakes. We saw them win with mistake-free football with Cooper Rush under center, only losing to the Eagles in Philly (who hasn’t?). Don’t be surprised if Dak doesn’t get that extension, and the Cowboys draft a rookie prospect to groom next year.

Also, Cooper Rush is a nice stash in deeper superflex leagues.

I would be shocked. How many New York castoffs does Carolina have to go through before they realize both New York teams really suck at drafting QB’s?

As for the Giants, I have a hot take for you: What if they get Mitch Trubisky? Daboll has already worked with him in Buffalo. Maybe Daboll might have Trubisky’s konami code? If the Steelers cut Trubisky, the Giants could grab him cheap. Just a thought.

Actually, Corral spent his rookie year on IR. He broke his foot in preseason.

If Carolina could get a QB genius as HC or OC to develop Corral, I can easily see Corral developing into a top flight QB, maybe even HoF level. Hello, Eric Bienemy…

To be honest, Mayfield looked better as the Rams QB than Stafford this year.

Watch what the 49ers do in the playoffs. If Purdy takes them deep, or even to a Super Bowl, this QB competition will be over before it begins.

Geno is 32. Even if they bring him back, the Seahawks won’t be signing him to a long contract. Expect a rookie to be drafted and groomed, not unlike the Ryan Fitzpatrick-Tua situation in Miami a few years ago.

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A good read to go with your thread from PFF.

Updated the OP to reflect the developing situation around Derek Carr.