Sell high on 3 for CMC? (selling Walker, Olave, Gus)

I also get Goedert and Geno (in case Fields gets hurt again), but CMC the prize. My team is hovering 3rd place, but I also have Taylor and Rhamondre so this would give be best RBs and the best player in the trade. My bench is also deep enough to withstand the 3 for 1.

Even though it’d be for week 12, I would have to pull the trigger by Saturday (11/19)

I feel like Walker Gus and Olave are 3 of the highest sell highs out there. Walker losing snaps to Charb, Gus probably staying at 1A but can’t keep getting TDs like this, and Olave should be way better but hasn’t been with Carr. Selling after a TD high is probably bailing at the right time. Tank Dell replacing him at WR#3 is the biggest hit to my lineup and I’m totally good with it. Replacing Gus at the flex only really hurts me a few weeks, and not in week 15 (playoffs)

squad: QBFields, Carr WR Aiyuk, Nacua, Olave, RB Walker, Taylor, FLX Rhamondre, Gus,
Bench: Tank Dell, JSN, Charbonnet, Spears

This depends on whether your roster is in need of consolidation or expansion. It looks like to me the game plan is expansion if you are considering this.