Received Some Trade Offers Today

SuperFlex, redraft, 1-1 FULL PPR

QB: Allen, D Jones, Ridder
RB: Ford, Brian Robinson Jr, Kelley, Edwards, SPears, Mitchell
WR: Brown, Lockett, DJ Moore
TE: andrews, ferguson

Not speculative, two offers I received from teams

I give Andrews/Moore
I get James Cook/Nico

I am leaning NO on this one

I give Edwards, Kelley, Moore
I get Flowers/Miles Sanders

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I like the first trade from your perspective. Nico is currently WR8 in the NFL, and that might continue. Cook is currently RB12, and also might maintain that.

On the other hand, Andrews is starting to get injury prone, while DJ Moore is part of the “hot mess” Chicago offense.

I’d jump on that one.

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Thanks. I can’t explain this, but I don’t trust andrews season long. Problem is I have Ferguson on bench and other waiver guys are lousy. I could ‘probably’ trade Edwards for Goeddert (She has Kelce too and no RBs) but I am playing her this week and need the win, lol

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Not a bad idea. At least make the offer?

It’s a risk to help her. MY DJ got me 3.48 points. Her lineup is ravaged by injuries, so she has love, conner, perine, d smith, pittman, kelce, mclaurin.

I assume she would flex edwards against me but may be worth it on long run

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Maybe wait a few days before making that offer?

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Could also do Andrews/Moore/Edwards for LePorta/Jeudy/Addison

Trades rolling today, LOL. Leage must sense my panic.

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That’s not bad. I still prefer that first one you mentioned.


Gonna mull them over and see what I Wanna do. Not sure Kelley and edwards are season long answers and Ford and Robinson I dunno.

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