Input on Two Trades

1-2 and reeling a little. SuperFlex. I have scored 80 2/3 weeks

These are not speculative, both were sent to me this AM with some wiggle room.

Redraft PPR

QB: Allen, D Jones, Ridder

RB: Ford, Robinson, MItchell, Edwards, Kelley

WR: Brown, Moore, Lockett, Hyatt

TE: Andrews, Ferguson

3 open slots if I drop Hyatt, Ridder, Kelley

7th on waivers have claims in for Dell, Palmer, Theilen, Q Johnson, Our waivers do not reset so actually debating not putting any claims in and moving up a few slots. I am sure a few teams will go after these guys in front of me.

I give Andrews/Moore or Lockett
I get Swift/Ridley or Nico

I give Robinson or Ford/Locket or Moore/Andrews
I get Gibbs, Aiyuk, Purdy, Pachecho

QUESTION: Even though I am weak at RB, do you agree Robinson or Ford could be a bit of a sell?

Week 5 gonna bite me and I assume I will be 1-3 by then as guy I play this week has tua, goff, adams, diggs, jefferson, leporta

This is a start over roster.

Blowing it up as we speak, LOL. Hopefully team looks a lot different in a few hours.