Scour the waivers in prep fo the playoffs

1pt ppr, 6pt TD

Have a lot of RB tandems on my roster. Looking to prune and pick up possible playoff insurance. All my guys are pass their byes. I’m rolling with

QB - Stafford (Bench - Burrows)
RB - Cooks, D. Montgomery (Bench - Mattison, R. Wilscon, E.Mitchell, D Harris, Rh Stevenson)
WR - Cupp, JJefferson, K.Allen (NO bench)
TE - Pitts

Looking to see if I should drop some RB’s on my bench to get better RB’s, maybe another TE since Pitts isn’t producing again? or maybe another WR?

Current WW for top 5 TE’s include
Knox, Freiermuth, Higbee, Uzomah, J.Cook

Current WW for top 5 WR’s include
Bourne, R. Moore, Agholor, Crowder, Bateman

Current WW for top 5 RB’s include
Edmunds, Hines, Sanders, Murray, Michel

or… stand pat. Thanks in advance.

I guess RB - Cooks is Dalvin Cook?
And I have honestly no idea who R. Wilscon is supposed to be. Jeff Wilson (SF)?

Anyway - yes, you are over-stacked on RB. Which is exactly my preferred strategy :slight_smile:

Mattison - I don’t like him, but if had Cook, I’d be tempted to roster him as well.

Mitchell is a wildcard, as is pretty much every 49ers RB. I don’t know if I’d drop him if he was on my roster. Probably not.

Harris & Stevenson - I just recently added Stevenson myself, as a handcuff to Harris. Now we have the unfortunate situation that the Pats are trending towards RBBC, which renders both of them unstartable. For fantasy purposes, it would be better if one of them would be out for a few weeks.

As for your WW candidates:

Freiermuth seems the most attractive option right now. Gives you depth on TE, and he seems more stable than Pitts these days (which says more about the Falcons than about Pitts).

Aiyuk is trending up, but I’m not sure if you can start him on a weekly basis.

The RBs aren’t really an upgrade to what you already have.

I got Knox as my backup TE to Kittle. He got 14 pts in ppr league even with the Bills playing badly. I don’t trust Big Ben enough to go with Freiermuth. Splits with Ebron too much (both got TD’s this past week). I’d start Knox over Pitts all day with the way Ryan is playing!

I think your RBs are fine, I agree with the other poster about the WW options for WR and RB aren’t any better than what you got. If you had to drop one for Knox, I’d probably drop Jeff Wilson - I think Mitchell’s injury is his hand, right? Probably be back soon anyways. You got a good handcuffing backlog, which for playoffs I think is good - I’m loaded on RBs in my ppr with Flex league right now too. Montgomery should start becoming the stud like last year now that Chicago is playing better. Better option if Dalton is starting, but Fields has been having a good run lately - well, until he got injured.

Just my opinions! Something to think about anyways. Good luck in what you choose.

Knox isn’t a bad choice. But I don’t trust the Bills at the moment. They had a very easy schedule in the first weeks, but now that they are facing stronger opponents, they begin to struggle .

Josh Allen has a lot of mouths to feed. Diggs, Sanders, Beasley, Davis and Knox all compete for targets. In a good week, there is enough volume for everyone. But the Bills don’t have all good weeks at the moment.

Neither do the Steelers, but their volume is a lot more steady. And there are only Johnson, Claypool and Freiermuth. Yes, Ebron drew a few targets, including an endzone one. Freiermuth had a bad drop the week before. But Muuuth has surpassed him on the depth chart. He’s getting steady targets and steady TDs. And if he remains drop-free for another week or two, he’ll see even more.

In the competition for targets, it doesn’t matter if a TE competes with another TE, or with WRs. There are only X targets on a team in a given week, and they are distributed over Y different players. I’ll take a second TE with 5 targets over a first TE with 3.

Let’s compare targets and TDs in recent weeks:

Week Knox Tar Knox TD Muth Tar Muth TD
6 3 0 7 0
7 bye bye bye bye
8 out out 7 1
9 out out 6 2
10 1 0 9 0
11 10 0 7 1

As you can see, Freiermuth is a much more stable contributor. Knox has a higher ceiling, but may also post a dud every other week.

Ugh, yes, I did mean Dalvin Cooks and Jeff Wilson :).
Thanks for the info @ZakHH @2hotscot . I like both Knox and Freiermuth and you both bring up good points. Yeah, I just think Matty Ice and the falcons are stinking up the joint and as much talent as Kyle has, he’s not being able to showcase it. I think i’ll marinate on this for another week and see if any of my tandem RB’s shows through and drop the other one…like maybe wilson. Have a great TurkeyDay! Thanks again!

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For Knox, he broke his hand week 6 and left the game, and week 10 was his first week back. Other than Target share, which I look at a lot when scouring the waiver wire, Knox has been pretty reliable.

Week 1: 4 Targets, 4-41yds = 8.1pts
Week 2: 3 Targets, 2-17yds, TD = 9.7pts
Week 3: 5 Targets, 4-49yds, TD = 14.9pts
Week 4: 8 Targets, 5-37yds, 2 TDs = 20.7pts
Week 5: 4 Targets, 3-117yds, TD = 20.7pts
*Week 6: 3 Targets, 3-25yds, 2pt conv. (left game) = 7.5pts
*Week 10: 1 Target, 1-17yds = 2.7pts
Week 11: 10 Targets, 6-80yds = 14pts

Not knocking Freiermuth though. Either one would be a good backup/starter for the playoff run.

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Ebron is out, likely for the rest of the fantasy season.
Freiermuth is now a strong buy and a gamescript proof every week starter.


Thanks for the follow up! I had Knox in my WW, but Freiermuth it is!

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Knox still isn’t a bad choice by any means, but I am fairly sure that Freiermuth is the more stable option. Both have a similar ceiling, but Freiermuth has a much higher floor.

Well, hope Freiermuth isn’t out long with a concussion! Might have to get Knox afterall. My bench this week got me 75 points lol. Knox/Gaskin/Mooney got 55 just by themselves. Only one I should have started was Gaskin. Had Kittle for TE (bad game for him so far) and Adams/Chase/Cupp as my 2 WR/Flex. Hard to sit either of those three!