Line-up help needed for playoffs

I need some help deciding my RB, WR and Flex selections for the fantasy playoffs. My league is a PPR (1 point) league. I need 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and one Flex.

RBs - B. Robinson, Z. Knight, D. Swift, R. Mostert and J.K. Dobbins
WRs - Waddle, Hopkins, Pittman Jr, Hollywood Brown

I am currently leaning towards
RB - Robinson and Knight
WR - Waddle and Hopkins
Flex - Dobbins or Pittman Jr.


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Robinson should be a safe start.

Knight is promising as well, but carries 2 risk factors: a QB change (he hasn’t played unter Zach Wilson yet), and an opponent whose run D got better over recent weeks.

Swift is hard to trust. Boom or bust player. I don’t blame you for benching him.

Mostert could be a sneaky start this week, if Jeff Wilson is out. Miami won’t be able to pass a lot with their crippled o-line. Plus, there could be snow in Buffalo. Both could create plenty of opportunities for Mostert, though the o-line woes would affect him, too.

Dobbins is an option, too. Good matchup, and no Lamar. Huntley is a rushing QB as well, but will not soak up as many ground volume as Lamar does.

On WR, I would definitely start Pittman over D-Hop. Cards didn’t look pretty with Kyler, and things certainly won’t get better now that his season is over.

And I wouldn’t start Waddle, either, for the reasons I mentioned above for Mostert.

What are your waiver options on WR?

So I’d start:

RB: Knight, Mostert (if Wilson is out, else Dobbins)
WR: Pittman + waiver option (or D-Hop)
FLEX: Robinson