Need to make some changes and need your input

Well half point PPR and we start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex , 1 QB, 1 TE

Here is my team atm and for this week the following players available . Who all should I drop and pick up . Thanks in advance to all . By way thanks to Prescot and lamb from being projected score max points before the cowboys game went on to loose . Unreal bs

Here is my team

QB: D Prescott
RB: D Swift, AJ Dillon, R Stevenson, M Carter, J Williams (DET)
WR: J Jefferson, C Lamb, DJ Moore, K Toney, E Moore,
TE: K Pitts, C Kmet

Players available on waiver wire

QB : wentz, mariota , Goff, mills, m ryan, mayfield, J fields
RB : hillard , herbert, butkhead , warren, e benjamin, wilson
WR : D Duvernay , dotson, samuel, shepard, d carter , D chark, dortch, peoples jones,Mckenzie of bills , palmer, J meyers, doubs,
TE : howard , hill , hurst

So i def need a QB and maybe look at picking up Samuel as his role is both in rushing and passing . Will have the third pick in waiver wire . So if miss out on him then duvernay or dotson viable ?

Who should i drop : toney for sure and steveson right ? Or E moore

Please suggest guys who should I pick and who to drop ? And what order

Wentz plays : lions , eagles , cowboys , tenn
Mariota plays : LAR, Seat, Cleve, TB
Mayfield: Giants, new orleans, ARi, SF
Goff : wash, Minn, Seatt, NE
Mills : den, chi, LAC, Jags
Ryan: Jac, KC, Ten, Denver
Fields : GB, Hou, NYG, Min

Thanks guys so much and hope u guys had a great FF week and won your games

Great post. It is very seldom anyone offers this much info. You also mostly answer your own question. You need a QB and Wentz is the only one worth it.
Mayfield would be a 2nd choice vs Giants.

Stevie Wonder could see dropping Toney,

After that, I hold for a week. Just my view.

Move Prescott to IR, add Carson Wentz for him. I don’t believe in a long-term success, but his schedule is tempting, and his fantasy performance this week was solid.

I would not make any moves on RB.

On WR, cut Elijah Moore and add Curtis Samuel. The Jets are fantasy poison this year, and Wentz and Samuel seem to have a good connection.

Of the QBs available, Ryan and Mariota offer the most upside. Obviously you’ll be dropping Prescott for one of them.

Then I would probably drop Toney for Dotson.

I think I hold at RB, but I’d be eyeing Herbert and Burkhead as the best waiver wire options listed as possible replacements for Stevenson or Williams.

Obviously you’re holding at TE.

Hi thanks man . Well we don’t have IR SPOT So need drop some one to pick the qb and also another player to pick up Samuel

So who to drop , have a feeling maybe giants trade Toney to packs or maybe not , he has no coaching trust atm with giants that’s what I am reading

As I said, OBVIOUSLY you’ll drop Prescott for a new QB. No need to hold an average QB in a 10-12 team single-QB league for 6-8 weeks.

And then I said to drop Toney for Dotson, and then you won’t need to drop anyone for Samuel.

See how easy this is when you listen to Axe Elf?

Got it! Thanks brother