Waiver wire over and have options

Oh so waiver wire over and have some options

After waiver wire my team looks like

Teddy and Prescott as my QB
Dillon, Jamal William, Stevenson, swift as my RBs
J Jefferson, Lamb, D Moore, C Samuel, Doubs and G wilson as my WR
Pitts as my TE

So my question is : thinking long term and improving my team as I am 3-1

Lawrence is available on waiver Wire and his schedule all way to end season is too easy . Is he trustable . I dont know . So should I pick him for teddy or stay put ?

Lastly Keep G wilson ? I have already good depth in my WRs . So why not try picking any of these players who available now

B Robinson , some body dropped Freiermuth, can put a claim for him .
Other options available on waiver wire : Z jones, Mckenzie, Gallup

So what u guys suggest

Also what def is better play : picked up Jags playing Houston but Miami on waiver wire

Thanks a lot always for your inputs and help, really appreciate it


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Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything. I’d advise you stand pat with this roster. You’re good.

Claim Freiermuth, drop Pitts if successful. Massive upgrade on TE.

Add Brian Robinson, drop Garrett Wilson. You need the extra depth on RB more than on WR.

Add Lawrence, drop Bridgewater, who will be benched as soon as Tua is good to go.

Teddy Bridgewater? You’re axing if you should stick with a one-game stopgap backup QB or pick up a top-15 QB who will be starting for the rest of the season (barring injury)?

Sometimes I just can’t with you people…

Keeping my options open if Dak does not perform and Bridgewater is one week or two week options only

No choice but Lawrence and Jax was my pick of the week.
You need a TE and RB as J, Williams is no longer #1 after this week. I like Wilson more than Samuel