Playoff Strategy - High Potential RB Stash

Full PPR / 8-4 / 3rd Place / Must win to remain in playoffs

My Team:

QB – D. Prescott and J. Hurts
RB – N. Chubb, L. Fournette, D. Harris, B. Scott, D. Johnson (Chubb handcuff)
WR – C. Kupp, C. Lamb, A. Hopkins, D. Mooney, C. Kirk
TE – D. Know and T. Higbee
K – E. McPherson
DEF – Eagles & Saints (who have perfectly coordinated favorable weekly opponents)

I want to employ the recommended playoff strategy and stash 1-2 high potential RB handcuffs. I already have D’Ernest Johnson as my Chubb handcuff. Mattison, Darrel Williams, Jamaal Williams, Michel and Booker are not available.

The following RB are available:

Ronald Jones II – (Would serve as my Fournette handcuff)
Kene Nwangnu
Khalil Herbert
Samaje Perine
Benny Snell (if Steelers decrease N. Harris playing time)
Jeff Wilson (Not much upside)
Tevin Coleman (Not much upside)
Kenyan Drake (Not much upside)

Which 1-2 RB should I pickup? Is 1 more stashed RB enough? I lean toward Jones and/or Nwangnu, then Herbert.

The tough question is who to drop. I lean toward dropping Scott. But then who else would I drop? Christian Kirk (I don’t want to drop him but he’s my 5th WR)? Under-performing Tyler Higbee (which would leave me with just one TE)? I don’t want to drop either Defense.

I agree about dropping Scott.

For the pickup, I think you had the right idea with RJII. Fournette has been on fire lately, and Jones is actually the more talented RB of the two of them, albeit with a small fumbling problem. If Fournette gets hurt, or even fumbles once or twice, RJII could be a steal. And if Fournette stays healthy and doesn’t fumble, you’ve lost nothing.

Khalil Herbert is the only other one you mentioned that tempts me, but RJII is just more practical for what you have. Nwangnu is a talent also, but it’s hard to say how close he is to a significant role right now.

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Jalen Hurts is out so I moved him to my IR which allowed me to keep Boston Scott and pick up Ronald Jones. I can see how Scott performs today. I lean toward dropping him regardless when I need to reactivate Hurts.

Why do you say Jones is better than Fournette? Jones previously under-performed when he was teamed with Peyton Barber.

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From what I’ve seen, I like Jones better. He has moves that Fournette doesn’t. But Jones does fumble sometimes, which keeps him in the doghouse.

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Jones’ biggest problem is indeed that he plays for a coach who absolutely hates turnovers. From a talent POV, Jones is definitely a better RB than Fournette. But he struggles with turning talent into production.

Jones will be a UFA after this season. I have him in 1 dynasty league and hold on to him, hoping that he will find a favorable landing spot next year. If you have a keeper spot to spare and no better options on the waiver wire, he isn’t the worst gamble on RB.

I had hoped that he would show at least some flashes yesterday. Sadly, he didn’t. He remains an intruguing prospect, though.