Saquon Barkley for Fournette and Josh Jacobs?


A guy in my league offered Saquon Barkley for Leonard Fournette and Josh Jacobs. I am not sure whether or not to take this offer, as Barkley has an extremely easy schedule the rest of the season, and fournette has kinda been flopping. Hope someone can give some advice.


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At this point, I would prefer Saquon over Fournette. The question is, can you afford to sacrifice Jacobs? Doesn’t make sense to make the upgrade on RB1, if it means you then have to start Rex Burkhead as your RB2.

I have Kareem hunt/Cam akers/Allen Robinson to replace him with on flex

Akers and A-Rob aren’t startable. Not even on FLEX.

Hunt can be an RB2/FLEX player, but only if he starts finding the end zone again. Only time he did this season was week 1.

I do not expect Jacobs to put up numbers like in week 4 every week now. But he is a rock solid RB2 with a dependable volume.

Sounds like you have no player to replace him. So sacrificing him to upgrade Fournette to Saquon does not make sense then. Your RB1 position would become stronger, but your team as a whole may still be weaker.

How about if i have waiver 1 this week, and target hines/latavius murray/Allgeier/Boone? Because i feel like Barkley has one of the easiest schedules ever, and his workload is going to be around 30 touches each game

Barkley is a tempting asset, and I fully understand why you want to get him.

Replacing Jacobs with a waiver addition can work. Or it can go wrong. Because we don’t know what any of those waiver additions will look like, come week 5.

Hines only makes sense if this is a PPR league. His role won’t change dramatically. Contrary to common belief, he is not JT’s handcuff. Just like Kenyan Drake was never Jacobs’ handcuff in LV. Hines is a role player, and that role is that of a pass catcher out of the backfield. He will see increased usage, but he will not step into JT’s role, should the latter miss time.

Latavius Murray is intriguing, as A) we know Javonte is out for the season, and B) Latavius showed last week that, despite his age, he can still handle a certain workload. I’m not sure the Saints expected to get ninja’d on him when they attempted to move him back to their practice squad.

If Latavius clicks, Boone may become an afterthought.

Allgeier is risky. I don’t think the guy has it, but that’s just me. But there’s also Caleb Huntley, who will get a chance. And in week 6, Damien Williams may be back. And none of these names guarantees a rushing offense you’d want to be affiliated with in fantasy football.

If you feel confident enough that one of these players can fill the roster hole you create by trading away Jacobs, then by all means, go for it.

You also have Hunt, who is not a write-off by any means.

All I’m saying is that, while you get an upgrade on RB1, no questions asked, you will not necessarily improve your team with that trade. It’s a risk/reward thing. If you feel the reward is greater than the risk, go for it. There is every chance it will play out.

Okay, I understand fully now. Thanks so much for taking time and explaining it to me!

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I think keeping Jacobs and Lenny is the way to go. Teams will eventually realize Saquan is the only option in NY and without a legitimate pass threat, teams will stack the box.

I would also count on Tom Brady being Tom Brady. Which means when Tom gets back in a rhythm, running lanes should open up for Lenny,

Jacobs has had a solid start to his season and unless he gets hurt I can see it continuing, With all the receiving threats in LV, defenses cant stack the box which should lead to Jacobs having clear running lanes.

Welcome aboard!

I’m still not sold on Barkley. Can he last a whole season? I’d rather run with Jacobs and Fournette.